Monday, 20 October 2014

09:20 – The panic about Ebola seems to be receding a bit in the absence of any new cases being diagnosed over the last couple of days. There’s still a very high level of concern at all levels, of course, which is a good thing. And people are shunning contact with facilities associated with Ebola, which is certainly understandable.

I’ve heard from several of my European readers who are concerned that the number of new Ebola patients in Africa is expected to climb to more than a million over the next few months with many millions more exposed, and that tens of thousands of them may flood into southern Europe via short boat rides from northern Africa. If things get that bad in Africa, I suspect that Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, and even Greece collectively still have enough of an air force and navy to sink any plague boats attempting to make that trip and would not hesitate to do so.