Day: October 25, 2014

Saturday, 25 October 2014

08:58 – Border Collies really are nearly as fast as Greyhounds. Whenever I release Colin from his leash, he immediately runs home at top speed, grabs a stick from the front porch, and then lies in the front yard waiting for me to get there and play stick with him.

This morning, I paced off 200 meters, turned him loose, and started timing him. It took him 13 seconds to cover the 200 meters. That translates to 55 kph (~35 mph), versus a bit over 60 kph for racing Greyhounds. Not bad, particularly since Greyhounds are pure sprinters, while Border Collies are actually Marathoners. It’s not unusual for a working Border Collie to run/trot/sprint 50 miles or more per day. Even counting hall ball indoors, though, Colin is lucky to get a mile or two per day.

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