Wednesday, 27 August 2014

09:25 – One of the things that makes this time of year hectic for us is the unpredictability of orders. For example, as of yesterday morning, we had what I estimated as at least two or three weeks’ worth of forensic kits in stock. When I finished shipping kits yesterday, we were down to two forensic kits in stock. There’s no way to predict with any reasonable accuracy because our volume just isn’t large enough. We could get an order five minutes from now for 30 biology kits, which we could cover. Worse, we could get an order for 30 chemistry kits, which at the moment we couldn’t cover. So this time of year we just do the best we can to ship timely. I’m on my way downstairs right now to make up another batch of Kastle-Meyer reagent for forensic kits, along with several other chemicals we’re out of.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday, 27 August 2014”

  1. Kennewick Man: That evidence has been tossed about for so long now, I wonder what it’s worth scientifically anymore; and they still won’t allow standard testing to be done. What a shame.

    The baby shirt: How bloody stupid can somebody be and not be suspected of producing it deliberately? What sheriff shirt would have horizontal strips on it, for one thing?

    Hitting the sack in about two hours; barely dahk here at that point…

  2. Nice to see that the government has plenty of time to argue about old skeletons. Reading the story, there are a whole bunch of people in the Army Corps of Engineers who need new jobs.

    The whole over-sensitivity to the native americans is just as idiotic as the “we used to be slaves” sensitivity to american blacks. Burial rights for a 9000 year old skeleton? Get real. Having lived not to far from Indian reservations in New Mexico, all I saw was another entitlement culture enabled by the US government. Collectively, they need to get off their duffs and do something with their lives.

  3. So, we are going to just muddle along until we reach that utopia that the socialists believe that we are headed for.

    Ha ha ha ha!

    I guess if that happened, it would be a surprise.

    We are inexorably headed there, whether it is a utopia or not. I’ll tell ya one thing: conservatives do not know how to stop it.

  4. I believe that we, the USA, are muddling towards dystopia. A society where the middle class has been eclipsed by the bottom class. Yet, I believe that the bottom class will be well fed, have shelter, transportation and infrastructure (albeit declining), and lifestyles that would be gasped at in the Great Depression. In short, not a whole lot different from now except the rapidly grown bottom class and small middle class.

  5. “…conservatives do not know how to stop it.”

    You mean, of course, phony conservatives, like the dildos on the Faux Network and at NRO Online and the neocon warmonger chickenhawks in Mordor.

    Genuine conservatives are few in number and powerless to stop it at present. It will take another several decades of major Hurt and people waking up.

    “…the rapidly grown bottom class and small middle class.”

    Small middle class? They’re gonna kill us off entirely, and thus the goose that lays the golden eggs, and after that, no money to pay for all their wars and their cops and gated estates. And then will ensue Le Deluge, when that bottom class goes feral. Hell, many of them are already there.

  6. Hey Chuck, are you talking to me or OFD?

    And yes, the bottom class is somewhat feral. It always has been and always will be. The question is, is the amount of feralness changing (somewhere around 10% to 20%)? I do not think so. We think it is changing because the bottom class is growing so fast right now.

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