Saturday, 16 August 2014

12:16 – Barbara is helping Frances and Al finish cleaning out their rented storage site this morning. I’m doing kit stuff, of course. This afternoon and tomorrow–between yard work and house cleaning–Barbara will help put more kit subassemblies together.

The main reason we joined Sam’s Club is that they carry stuff that Costco doesn’t. For example, our Costco doesn’t stock much in the way of canned soups. Periodically the supermarket has a sale on canned soups, 10 for $10, and Barbara picks up 10 cans of Campbell’s cream of mushroom or whatever. But Sam’s carries shrink-wrapped 10-packs of Campbell’s COM soup for $8.28, so we pick up a case or two or three each time we go there.

Both the Costco and Sam’s web sites carry a lot of long-term storable food, which apparently is a big seller nowadays even among non-Mormons. It seems that more and more people fear that we face a dystopian future, and are stocking up food and other essentials against emergencies.

Sam’s carries a much wider selection of long-term storable food than Costco does. A lot of it is outrageously expensive freeze-dried stuff, which is also very space-inefficient to store. But some is reasonably priced and useful. FedEx just showed up with my first order from Sam’s on-line, including four #10 cans of dried whole eggs (after rehydration the equivalent of 24 dozen whole eggs). They cost $16/can, the equivalent of about $2.67/dozen. I also ordered a case of six bags of dried cheese/broccoli soup mix for $16. Each bag makes a gallon of soup. We’ll use this mix for making casseroles.