Monday, 25 August 2014

09:27 – We did a Costco run and dinner with Mary and Paul yesterday. As we arrived at the restaurant, we were talking about how much we’d paid. Paul and Mary’s receipt had been for about their usual amount. Our usual amount is $250 to $350, but this time it was over $500. When I looked at the register tape, the reason jumped out at me. We’d actually bought four 2-liter 4-packs of Coke Classic at $4.99 each. The cashier had rung it up as 45 4-packs at $4.99. That’s 180 bottles of Coke, 360 liters, 360+ kilos, or about 800 pounds worth. Even if we could have fit that much into the Trooper, with the four of us and the rest of the stuff we bought, we’d have been so far over the Trooper’s rated payload capacity that the poor thing would probably have collapsed on its axles.

So I called Costco’s customer service number when they opened at 09:00 our time. The lady I spoke with said she couldn’t fix the problem on the phone, but if we took the register tape in the next time we went to Costco they could fix it there. She apologized for the error, but said they’d fix it no questions asked. I told her this was definitely a case where they’d have no doubt we were telling the truth, because we’d actually bought four 4-packs of Coke and been charged for 45 instead of four. She just started to laugh and said that was the most obvious cashier error she’d ever heard about.