Saturday, 2 August 2014

08:10 – We’ve sold six kits so far this month, so things are definitely picking up. They should pick up even more later in the month as we approach the start of the autumn semester. For the rest of this month and well into September my time will be fully occupied with building and shipping kits.

I noticed this headline yesterday and was immediately struck with a Cunning Plan: North Carolina restaurant offers a 15 percent discount to pray in public The restaurant happens to be in Winston-Salem, so I suggested to Barbara that we have dinner there one night. She’d never heard of it, and said she had no interest in going there. I protested that we could get 15% off if we publicly prayed. They don’t specify that any specific cult is required, so I figured we could do an atheist prayer. As Barbara pointed out, there’s no such thing as an atheist prayer. Oh, well. I suppose we could do a satanist prayer or even a prayer to Thor or Ishtar.