Tuesday, 12 August 2014

10:46 – Orders yesterday and overnight have taken us down to zero FK01A forensic science kits and zero CK01B chemistry kits in stock. I’m building more forensic science kits this morning, and I’ll get started on another batch of the CK01B chemistry kits this afternoon. In other words, a typical August day around here. At least we’re in pretty good shape on the CK01A chemistry kits, with 40 or so in stock.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try to plan. For example, we’re getting critically short of BK01 biology kits, so I’ll start another batch of them as soon as I get the FK01A forensic science kits and CK01B chemistry kits built. But we shouldn’t be running low on BK01 biology kits. We ordinarily sell about three CK01A chemistry kits for every two BK01 biology kits. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve sold literally eight or nine times as many BK01 biology kits as CK01A chemistry kits. And these are all individual sales, with no bulk order to mess up the ratio. There’s no way to plan for that kind of skewed ordering pattern.