Wednesday, 13 August 2014

10:08 – We’re back at reasonable stock levels of the FK01A forensic science kits and CK01B chemistry kits, or we will be once I finish boxing up the kits. Then I need to get chemicals bottled for a custom order of 25 sets. Once I finish that, I’ll start on another batch of 30 BK01 biology kits.

Barbara is going out to dinner with friends tonight, so Colin and I will watch Heartland reruns. We’ll finish series six this evening and may have time to get started on series seven. CBC starts broadcasting series eight in a couple of months, but it won’t finish its run until next April or May. I’ll download HD copies of each episode every week and accumulate them until we have all 18 episodes, at which point I’ll burn DVDs and we’ll binge watch series eight. Between now and then, I’ll have time to re-watch the first seven series two or three more times.