Tuesday, 12 August 2014

10:46 – Orders yesterday and overnight have taken us down to zero FK01A forensic science kits and zero CK01B chemistry kits in stock. I’m building more forensic science kits this morning, and I’ll get started on another batch of the CK01B chemistry kits this afternoon. In other words, a typical August day around here. At least we’re in pretty good shape on the CK01A chemistry kits, with 40 or so in stock.

Sometimes I wonder why I even try to plan. For example, we’re getting critically short of BK01 biology kits, so I’ll start another batch of them as soon as I get the FK01A forensic science kits and CK01B chemistry kits built. But we shouldn’t be running low on BK01 biology kits. We ordinarily sell about three CK01A chemistry kits for every two BK01 biology kits. In the last couple of weeks, we’ve sold literally eight or nine times as many BK01 biology kits as CK01A chemistry kits. And these are all individual sales, with no bulk order to mess up the ratio. There’s no way to plan for that kind of skewed ordering pattern.

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  1. On cue, Al Sharpless announces he’s on the way to MO to console the family of the “murdered” teen. I guess he found a 5-star hotel to stay at.

  2. Al’s a sketch, ain’t he? He and Jackson and a couple of others remind me of the old-time snake-oil preachers and carny barkers that would suck people in by the hundreds back in the old days, only now they can do much better with tee-vee and the internet. In the inner city versions they rode around in gigantic Cadillacs with hotties on their arms and flashing lotsa bling and “…the grassroots stared in envy and drank wine…” (ripped from the late Gil Scott-Heron). Plus they’re very colorful characters for the media to exploit and generate a lot of hits. Used to be funny but they’ve shown time and again their racist demagoguery causes major problems, widening the existing rifts between people and even actual riots. But they’re never accountable.

  3. It’s always difficult with only news reports to go by, but my impression from what little I’ve read is that the young man who was shot probably deserved to be shot, armed or not.

    Conversely, I don’t see a lot of headlines about the 41-year-old woman that the cops shot and killed in Stockton, CA. She was a hostage taken by armed robbers, and was apparently used as a human shield by one of the goblins.

    Now, I can understand that an errant round fired by a cop might have struck and killed her. But she was hit TEN times, all by police bullets. That begins to look felonious to me. At the very least reckless disregard, and probably 2nd-degree murder. This woman was an innocent civilian bystander whom the cops shot TEN times. What were they trying to do, shoot through her to get the goblin? Jesus.

    I know things have changed a lot. Thirty and forty years ago, I knew a lot of cops. I’d bet that not one of them would have fired in that situation, let alone (apparently) most or all of them. They had vests and cover. She had neither. I suspect her family will file a multi-million dollar lawsuit, and I hope they win. But I also hope criminal charges are filed against every cop who shot her. At the very least, they need to be dismissed from the police force with prejudice.

  4. Apparently, cops aren’t trained enough to *double tap* these days. Empty the whole mag and slap in another. It’s tax payer ammo anyways, might as well spray and pray. Except for the pray part.

    Sharpless started out as a big tent evangelist IIRC. A *gifted* youth preacher. Hard to believe what he’s become.

  5. Police chopper fired at “multiple times” in MO. Holder still investigating the police. I guess if the rioters are black, they are immune to Holder. Shouldn’t the FBI be involved in the chopper shooting?

  6. Does your ordering process include an (optional) question such as “would you please tell us how you found The Home Scientist?”

  7. School has been in session for 2 weeks around here. On Thursday, I had several stops to make in Indy, on the way back to Tiny Town. It was around 4:00pm when I was making a right-on-red turn in one of the northern suburbs of Indy; a school bus had just made that turn ahead of me as I approached the rather large intersection with 2 lanes going each direction, plus a right turn lane. I made the turn, but it was necessary to stop right after the turn, as the school bus had its “stop” arm out and was dropping off kids.

    When you make a right turn at that intersection, you make it into a lane that is temporary and ends about 100 yards down the road, where that lane is also a right-turn lane for a local residential street.

    As soon as I turned, the light went green for my direction and cars following me in turning right started zipping around me and passing the school bus by using the main lane of that road. This was even though the school bus had its stop arms (2 of them) extended and red lights flashing.

    I am not often traveling when school buses are out, but when I am, I am amazed and somewhat shocked that this is not uncommon behavior. Quite a lot of traffic just refuses to halt for stopped school buses if there is a lane open to go around them. Generally, people around here obey most traffic rules, but this one about not passing school buses seems to be ignored by more people than those who obey it. At least around here.

  8. Buying Hawaii recently had a segment of a couple that lived in a tent with a composting toilet for three years on the big island. Apparently the tent was awesome during Hawaii’s frequent rain storms. And their composting toilet had a rat in it that “talked” to them while they were doing their business.

    They ended up buying an off-grid house on top of a lava flow field for $110K or so. No electric, no running water and a cesspool for their “waste”. And the house was built out of untreated 2x8s. Not for me…

    I do have my own water well and a septic tank with two stages, a chlorination chamber and two sprinklers here on the office property. I had to reboot the septic tank controller last night after the thunderstorm before going home as the alarm was going off. Happens once or twice a year.

  9. On the cops and their shooting: I’ve bloviated about this a number of times on here; the gist being that the training sucks even worse now than it did when I was in that gig thirty years ago. And yes, it’s ‘spray and pray.’ Thus the issuance of double-stacked mag semi-autos and their inclination is to empty them at somebody and slam another mag in there. Those rounds are usually 9mm and .40 and sometimes it takes a bunch of them to knock a mutha down, and meanwhile they go through or miss and bounce all over the landscape, creating shrapnel, etc. It is actually possible to use the right ammo in a 9 and do that double-tap that MrAtoz refers to; but it takes training and the departmental expenditures and will to do it and do it well and do it regularly. All missing in today’s “law enforcement.”

    If the rioters are firing on police choppers and that ends up causing police casualties, as with Ruby Ridge and Waco, it will be interesting to see if the gummint steps up their response like they did at those two events. Or even as heavy as they did at the stupid Bundy ranch caper.

    School bus passing; I’ll be keeping an eye out for that here and if I see it Ima gon git the plates and turn the muthas in forthwith with a signed complaint. That’s where iPhones and iPads and Kindles come in handy. Git a pic of the operator, too. And depending on the police and court response, always good for upload to the net: “This guy passes stopped school buses: is your child on that bus?”

    Off-grid living; those pics show people who did a shitty job of building shelters wherever and look more like homeless bum shacks, if even that. My ancestors came over to a howling wilderness with jack, other than the know-how to build houses and get some farming and livestock going; luckily they had help that first year locally. And still lost half the population. But they stayed and got it build; some of those houses are still standing and still eminently livable, as is true also of their cousins’ places back in Ye Merry Old Perfidious Albion. Any of y’all ever visit Ye Olden Commonwealth of Maffachufetts sometime, be sure to visit the town of Ipswich, north of Boston; probably the highest concentration of 17th-Century houses in the country; for that matter go see Paul Revere’s house in Boston; oldest structure in the city. And hosts of others from the 18th-Century, too.

    I’d be ashamed to have my dump photographed for that “essay.”

  10. Doubtful. A mediocre and long-lived actress who happened to be married to a couple of second- or third-level Hollywood stars.

    The kid in Missouri will get a Prez Letter if anybody does, and meanwhile the AG is investigating the cops. Who could probably do with some investigations anyway, but whatever, who gives a damn.

    Just about done with Radley Balko’s book on the militarization of the country’s police forces; highly recommended.


  11. We’re gonna see more and more of this kind of stuff in the coming years; the cops or the bad guys will do something and then the other party is gonna escalate. And so on. The rage out here keeps building and the cops keep getting more scared and reactive, with lethal force whenever they feel it necessary.


    One cop is already throwing around the phrase “war zone.” That’s what they do. Repeat it often enough and the city fathers and mothers demand decisive actions immediately, and it will come in the form of SWAT (every little damn burg has one now, even campus cop departments, and mundane Fed agencies) and militarized forces and equipment.

    The problem will get bigger when they start using that force on other than the previously approved target groups, i.e., regular folks. Who are armed with about a half billion to a billion firearms, many at least equal to, if not better than, what the police have. If they organize, it will be no huge trick to get hold of even heavier ordnance.

  12. Whatever happened to “assumed innocent until proven guilty.” Which was always wrong anyway as the jury form has only two boxes labeled “not guilty” and “guilty.”

    Consequently, the news yappity-yappers should say: “assumed not guilty until proven guilty.”

  13. When yappity-yapper Wolf Blizzaro was interviewing the decedents mother and asked what the final should be, she mentioned jail for the cop as he murdered her son.

    Wolf yappity-yapper neglected to mention to her the innocence presumption.

  14. [snip] Police chopper fired at “multiple times” in MO. [snip]
    Smells like BS to me, just like the similar reports from Katrina.

    A pox on Rev. Al, and all the other hustlers, no matter what their skin tones.

    And a pox on OFD’s militarized police with their ‘shoot first, spray and pray (prey?)’ attitude. Why don’t they ever shoot unarmed white boys?

  15. Why don’t they ever shoot unarmed white boys?

    They do. You just don’t hear about it because it would not keep the race fire burning. There is a lot of people making money on racism and you need to keep that cash flow intact. You don’t make national news when black people kill white people.

    Same thing happened when four black thugs tortured and killed two white people as happened in Knoxville. Never makes the national news because reporting such would be considered politically incorrect.

  16. “Why don’t they ever shoot unarmed white boys?”

    “They do. You just don’t hear about it because it would not keep the race fire burning. “

    They don’t need to shoot the unarmed white boys. Think of it as occupational therapy for the armed black boys.

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