Friday, 17 January 2014

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13:18 – Barbara had mulch delivered yesterday, and piled in the driveway. She parked her car in the driveway overnight because she couldn’t get to the garage. This morning, she built 30 small parts bags for the chemistry kits, and then once it warmed up a bit she headed out to spread mulch. This afternoon she’ll be back doing kit stuff, as will I.

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  1. Lynn McGuire says:

    Bob, you might like to see this (from an OFD posting on FB):

    It is a start.

  2. bgrigg says:

    Huh, I was just about to post a similar link. And that will just be the ones he knows about.

    Note that he defrocked them. He hasn’t handed them over to the authorities. I guess he figures he’s #1!

  3. Chuck W says:

    Back from an incredibly busy second half of the week. Always happens the week before a holiday. In TV, for a regular week, the program and commercial schedules (called “the log”) had to be out for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday by quitting time Friday. For a 3-day holiday weekend like this one, add Tuesday to the above schedule, and the workload will truly drive you crazy.

    No different for video with lawyers; they have trials starting on Tuesday, and we had to turn out what they needed for that before Saturday noon. Then I was all set to take the long weekend off,—especially since we are getting hammered with another 6 inch snowstorm,—but discovered the pantry is bare. So it’s a trip to Aldi on Sunday, because I suspect they will be closed on Monday. They were closed every Sunday when I first returned, but I still think they adhere to official holidays.

    I heard the Pope Benedict thing on the BBC World Service stream in the shower on Wednesday morning. That news is not comforting to me. Geez, it is confirmation of how widespread the problem was. 400 priests? Wonder where the distribution fell?

    No turning over to authorities for what would be a crime in most countries? No trials within the church? He’s part of the coverup. Apparently this news surfaced because the UN demanded it for a hearing in Geneva. They were supposed to get the info in advance of the meeting, but that didn’t happen. The AP somehow came by the news before the Geneva meeting, and the Vatican immediately denied it was true. After the hearing, however, the Vatican retracted their denial, and admitted to the BBC that the AP report was true. Come on, tell me there is no coverup going on in Rome. The coverup crew is about as competent as Dick Nixon’s bunch of plumber felons.

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