Sunday, 26 May 2013

09:19 – I wanted a nice, peaceful, relaxing diversion for Barbara, so we finally started watching series six of Heartland last night. I was surprised that she wanted to watch all three episodes on the disc. Usually, she prefers to mix it up, with episodes from two or three series over an evening.

As most people who follow the series know, Ty and Amy don’t get married in series six. This is getting ridiculous. They’ve been a couple since series one, but have been constantly breaking up and getting back together. Enough is enough; they need to marry those two kids off.

I emailed Heather Conkie, one of the four executive producers, to suggest that she really, really needs to get Ty and Amy married early in series seven. If nothing else, the fact that Amber Marshall is now Amber Marshall Turner should introduce a sense of urgency. Amber, like her character Amy, is an Earth Mother in waiting–both the actress and the character nurture every living creature in sight–and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Amber decided to get started quickly on having a family. So, unless they want to be shooting Amy from the shoulders up, it’s past time to get her character married off.

We now have everything we need on hand to build another 30 biology kits, and much of what we need for 30 more beyond that. Today, we’ll start on getting things together for another 30/60 forensics kits and another 60/120 chemistry kits.

10:59 – Urk. I was just thinking it was time to order some more iodine crystals. I’d ordered 250 g a year ago from an eBay vendor, and Googled his company name to find the web site again to order more.

Unfortunately, I’ll need to find another source of iodine. The guy I bought from a year ago is in a world of trouble with the feds, not just for possession and sale of List I chemicals, but on charges of firearms possession by a felon and possession for resale of controlled-substances. I’ve never heard a word from the feds, and don’t expect to. No one who planned to manufacture methamphetamine would be buying a quarter kilogram of iodine crystals; they’d want the stuff in large amounts. I’m just glad that I reconsidered my order before placing it. Originally, I’d intended to buy a kilogram, which might have raised some red flags.