Sunday, 19 May 2013

08:36 – We’re hoping for another semi-normal day around here. Barbara’s mom was on her own last night, and as far as we know did okay. Frances is going to visit their dad today. When Barbara was over yesterday, he seemed to be doing a bit better than he had been. Unless things change, which is always possible, Barbara plans to spend the day at home, cleaning house and doing kit stuff. And playing with Colin.

09:23 – Here’s the kind of headline that really pisses me off: Hofstra student was killed by police, authorities say

No, she wasn’t. She was killed by a bullet fired by police, but the police didn’t kill her. The guy holding her hostage killed her. The cop who fired the bullet that killed her was desperately trying to stop the guy from harming her or anyone else. Blaming the cop for a bad outcome in a desperate situation is simply contemptible.