Wednesday, 8 May 2013

09:13 – We’re in reasonably good shape with regard to finished-goods inventory on our current science kits, with 70 or 80 assorted ones in stock. Over the next couple days, I’ll make up 30 sets of chemical bags and small parts bags for the LK01 Life Science kits. This weekend we’ll build the shipping boxes and assemble 30 LK01 kits to be ready to start shipping them Monday.

With both parents still in the hospital, Barbara and Frances are still waiting to find out when they’ll be discharged, and where they’ll be discharged to. It’s pretty clear that Dutch will have to be discharged to a nursing home, but there’s no way to know which one because it all depends on which nursing homes have a bed available at the time he’s discharged. We’re hoping that Sankie will be well enough to return to their apartment at Creekside, but we won’t know that for sure until she’s ready to be discharged.