Monday, 20 May 2013

07:40 – I’m going to have to have a talk with the management at Brian Center. Barbara and Frances are very upset because the clothes they take over there for their dad keep disappearing and he ends up wearing donated clothes from their common supply. I know what’s going on. Dutch needs to be changed frequently, so they put on whatever they have available and send the dirty clothes to their own industrial laundry. If some of Dutch’s clothes are in the batch, they end up mixed in with all the others and instead of being returned to Dutch they end up in the common pile and distributed to other patients in the facility. But I understand why Barbara and Frances are upset; they keep buying new clothes for their dad, and those clothes keep disappearing. So I’m going to tell management that, although we appreciate them providing additional clothes for Dutch as needed, we really want them to put all the dirty clothes in plastic bags that we provide and leaving them for us to collect and launder.

Our stock of biology kits is getting perilously low. Barbara labeled a bunch of containers yesterday, so today I’ll work on filling those. Once I finish that, I’ll start making up subassemblies for 90 more biology kits.