Tuesday, 14 May 2013

08:41 – Barbara’s mom is at home and seems to be doing as well as could be expected. Frances stayed with her last night and Barbara will stay with her tonight, but after that they may leave her on her own. Dutch is pretty much just maintaining. I suspect the most anyone will be able to do is slow his rate of decline. I’d be very surprised if he’s ever well enough to leave the nursing home, even to move to assisted living. That’s still the goal, of course, but I suspect it’s more ambitious than achievable.

I finally switched back over from air conditioning to heat this morning. Our forecast overnight low was 38F, which would tie our record low for 14 May. Our recording thermometer says it got down to 41.9F, but our actual highs and lows often vary by several degrees from the official numbers. Our indoor thermometer says it’s 66.3F right now. I’m chilly at 70F and cold at 68F, so I set the heat to warm things up a bit in here. This is our last chilly day for a while. The rest of the week we’re expected to have highs in the mid-80’s and lows of 61F, so it’ll be back to using the air conditioning.

I copied all my data from the current system to my new system yesterday. That took a long time. The networking on the old system is failing, so rather than install a new network adapter I just connected a big external USB drive to it, copied all my data and configuration files up to it, and then reconnected it to my new system. Copying the 800 GB of data down to the new system took hours, but it’s all there now.

I managed to get all my old mail transfered over to Kontact/Kmail/Korganizer on the new system, but I haven’t yet tried to import my contacts. I’m pretty optimistic that I’ll be able to do that, but the big problem remaining is that I can’t get the new Kmail installation to send mail. I remember this happening the last time I was migrating systems. I got it worked out then, and I’m sure I’ll manage somehow to get it worked out this time. Meanwhile, I can still send mail from the old system, assuming it’s willing to connect to the Internet. Nothing is ever easy.