Wednesday, 22 May 2013

07:29 – Barbara’s dad is likely to be released back to the Brian Center in the next couple of days. Brian Center called Barbara yesterday to ask if she wanted them to hold his room. She told them yes, even though they’ll have to pay something like $275/day themselves to hold the room. (Obviously, Medicare isn’t going to pay for Dutch to be two places at once.) Barbara was concerned that otherwise Brian Center wouldn’t have a room available when her dad was discharged and he’d end up somewhere else that wasn’t very good.

We had an all-time record for kit orders yesterday, with 21. Of course, 20 of those were to one customer, a small private school. Still, that means that through the first five months of 2013 our kit sales and revenues are more than 50% of the total for 2012. And in 2012, we did only about 10% of the year’s business in the first five months. So of course we’re desperately trying to get more kits built in time for the summer rush.

16:35 – Geez. Colin just scared the shit, almost literally, out of the replacement mail carrier. The front door was open, with just the glass storm door between him and the mail carrier. Colin acts like a berserker when someone approaches the door. Fangs, snarling, loud barks, ramming into the glass, and so on. I’m not even slightly afraid of dogs, but given Colin’s threat display I sure wouldn’t want to mess with him. A pissed-off dog that weighs 80 or 85 pounds is no joke. Of course, if I’d opened the door and let him out, he would have made a big fuss over the mail lady, licking her hand and so on.

But I yelled at him to shut up and then opened the door and went out. The mail lady summed up her feelings pretty well. She asked me, “Are there just the two of them?”