Thursday, 16 May 2013

08:09 – Barbara just left for work. She’s staying with her mom tonight, so Colin and I are on our own. She and Frances have emphasized to their mom that she absolutely, positively has to be able to get along on her own at the apartment, because they can’t continue keeping her company 24×7. Tonight is Barbara’s last night over there. Frances may or may not stay with Sankie tomorrow night. But, one way or another, Sankie has to be able to deal with living on her own, or the only alternative will be to transfer her to an assisted-living facility.

Barbara’s dad is not doing well. We stopped over to see him late yesterday afternoon to take him some more clothes. He was asleep when we got there, and Barbara wasn’t able to wake him, despite touching him and speaking loudly to him. Dutch had been to visit the doctor earlier that day, and the doctor told them it was time to have him transferred to Hospice. The problem is, Dutch doesn’t believe he’s ill. To add to the congestive heart failure and kidney failure, he now has a UTI.

Meanwhile, kit sales are booming. We shipped six kits yesterday, and are averaging just over three kits per day for the last week. Our stock of finished kits is dwindling. We’re down to under a hundred kits of all types in stock, so it’s time for me to start issuing purchase orders for more components. If I have time this afternoon, I’ll start filling more bottles and making up some chemicals.