Day: March 16, 2013

Saturday, 16 March 2013

09:37 – Barbara’s out working in the yard, I’m doing laundry, and Colin is whining to go out and play. A typical Saturday. We haven’t had many of those recently. But now things seem to have settled down with Barbara’s parents, which is exactly what she needed.

My vendor acknowledged the PO I sent yesterday. Unfortunately, two of the items were backordered. One of them, the 96-well plate, is out of stock permanently. They’re out and don’t intend to get more. That’s not a big problem. I can order those elsewhere. The worrisome one is the deep cavity slides. I ordered $600+ worth of those, and they’re backordered until May 15th. No one else carries those, unless I want to order directly from the factory in China. That’s a can of worms I’d rather not open.

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