Day: March 11, 2013

Monday, 11 March 2013

08:39 – Barbara’s dad came home from the hospital yesterday and seems to be doing well. Her mom also seems to be doing pretty well. Barring the always-present possibility of an emergency, everything seems to be back on a relatively even keel.

Barbara started labeling bottles yesterday for the next batch of 60 chemistry kits. Those will go on the shelf to be filled later. When she finishes labeling this batch, she’ll start labeling bottles for another batch of 30 forensics kits, then 60 more biology kits, then back again for 60 more chemistry kits. With what we already have in stock, that gives us enough for 180 chemistry kits, 120 biology kits, and 60 forensics kits. Then we’ll start the cycle again. Geez, we’re gonna use a boatload of bottles.

Last night, we watched the series finale of Rescue Me, so tonight we’ll start one of the series that’s been patiently waiting in our Netflix streaming queue.

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