Day: March 14, 2013

Thursday, 14 March 2013

07:57 – So, the catholics have a new pope. I’m not sure why anyone cares, including catholics, although from the amount of news coverage one would think something important had been going on. One vicious old bastard with medieval attitudes retired; now the catholics have a different vicious old bastard with medieval attitudes. Meet the new boss. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

Speaking of ignorance, the county commissioners of neighboring Rowan County insist on starting meetings with sectarian prayers. The ACLU pointed out that this is illegal and asked them to stop doing that, but they refused. So the ACLU is suing the county. I think that’s a mistake. The ACLU should be suing those commissioners personally. The taxpayers of Rowan County should not be liable for paying the costs to defend the indefensible actions of this group of individuals. Closer to home, a local legislator has introduced a bill that would allow local school systems to offer bible study courses in public schools. Why can these morons not get it through their tiny little brains that there is no place for religion in government? None. Government is supposed to represent all of the people, not just this subset of very vocal religious nutcases.

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