Day: March 6, 2013

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

09:17 – Barbara picked up her mom from the hospital yesterday and brought her home. Sankie was apparently talking nonsense for most of the trip home and for a while after they got back to the apartment, but Barbara said her mom started to settle down after Barbara gave her the no-more-of-this-or-else speech. Our phone didn’t ring after Barbara got home, so we’re hoping that Sankie will settle down and start behaving. Sankie must know that if she starts up again, Barbara and Frances will have no option but to move her to a different facility.

One of the “new” chemicals we plan to include in the life science kits is universal indicator, which provides a visual indication of the approximate pH of solutions. In very acid solutions, pH 2 or lower, the indicator is red. As the pH increases, the color changes through rose (pH 3), orange (4), orange-yellow (5), yellow (6), lime green (7), green-blue (8), cyan (9), lilac (10), violet (11), and finally to pure blue in extremely alkaline solutions. So I just made up and tested two liters of the stuff, which is enough for 60+ life science kits.

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