Day: March 2, 2013

Saturday, 2 March 2013

10:04 – Barbara stayed with her dad last night, and will be back sometime this morning. Before she headed over there last night, I talked to her about ending the dad-sitting duties she and Frances have been doing every night since he hurt himself a week ago. Staying over there every other night is very wearing on Barbara, physically and emotionally, and must be the same for Frances. I told Barbara that I thought she and Frances needed to pace themselves, because no one knows when the next real crisis will occur.

We’re in pretty good shape on science kit inventory now. We have, either as completed kits or as subassemblies ready to build, about six dozen each of the chemistry and biology kits. We introduced the biology kits last April, and I just checked the sales ratio of biology:chemistry kits over that full period as well as the last six months and the last three months. It’s remarkably consistent, with biology kit unit sales holding at about 55% of chemistry kit unit sales. In other words, we sell about 1.8 chemistry kits for each biology kit. That means that if we want a total of 350 more biology and chemistry kits ready to ship as of 1 July we need 125 biology kits and 225 chemistry kits. That in turn means that over the next four months or so, we need to label and fill something like 15,000 containers, or roughly 125 per day. That’s doable, but we’ll be busy between now and the end of the year.

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