Day: March 4, 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

09:21 – Barbara spent the night over at her dad’s place. She’s home tonight and then pulling a double over at her dad’s place Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Frances is doing Thursday and Friday nights.

Frances called yesterday because she was concerned about a redness around their dad’s injury. She decided to haul Dutch over to the private emergency care place to have it looked at. They said it was no big deal, but prescribed an antibiotic and saline irrigation. Frances picked up the antibiotic, but Barbara said she’d stop on her way over after dinner to pick up the 0.9% saline wash they’d suggested. I told Barbara I’d make it up right here in the sink and save her the trouble of stopping at the drugstore. I just dissolved 9 grams of table salt in a liter of tap water, and didn’t bother to autoclave it. After all, more airborne bacteria will settle on Dutch’s skin during the irrigation than are present in a whole liter of tap water.

Science kit sales have picked up over last month. In the first three days of March, we’ve sold five kits, and we’re averaging about 0.80 kits/day year-to-date. That’s pretty scary, given that in the first three months of 2012 we averaged about 0.12 kits/day. This is our slowest time of year. Factoring in seasonality, that puts us on track to sell 1,500 kits in 2013, assuming we can build and ship that many.

13:01 – I see that Latvia has formally applied to join the eurozone, which is kind of like formally applying to board the Titanic. After it’s already hit the iceberg.

I think it’s safe to say that no sane person, including sane politicians (if there is such a thing), would want to be a member of the eurozone. If you’re in one of the dozen or so worse-off countries, the euro is choking the life out of your economy and causing severe social unrest that may end in revolution. If you’re in Germany or (decreasingly) Austria, Finland, Holland, or Luxembourg, being in the euro means you’re on the hook for paying the multi-trillion euro bills of the worse off eurozone countries. What’s not to hate? Crappy taste. More filling. Geez.

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