Day: April 12, 2024

Fri. Apr. 12, 2024 – “it’s Friday- I’m in love…”

Cool and clear again. Hooray. Yesterday was nice too, but I spent most of it indoors. I will get out of the house today… if it’s nice. It was in the low 60s when I went to bed.

Spent the day doing domestic bliss. Dishes. Laundry. Cleaning- a little. Mostly moving stuff around and sorting for auction, BOL, and house. It’s slow going to put some of the stuff away, or find new spots for it. My office is a shambles with my non-prepping hobby, my ham radio stuff, and the pipe refurbishment all stacked on top of the other older stuff…

I did manage to do some work in the driveway and patio too. I threw away a bunch of failed cans, mostly soup with pop tops, and the Hill Country Fair canned peaches. I’ve mentioned the peaches before, they failed way early. The other cans were rusted either by rat urine, condensation, or the liquid from the failed peaches and soup. The particular shelves were stocked at the beginning of wuflu lockdowns, so I haven’t messed with them for a while. I did identify that they’d failed some time ago, but couldn’t find the time to sort them out. I’ve still got more cleanup to do there, but I moved some bottles of cleaning supplies there in the mean time.

I also checked the live trap in the attic. No joy. I added a smaller live trap baited with different stuff. I’ll check that today. I didn’t hear the critter so IDK if it was even in the attic while the traps were up there. I’ll leave them until they need re-baiting, or I catch something.

Today I’ll do a couple of pickups, and some more auction organizing. I’m headed to the BOL this weekend, after my non-prepping hobby meeting on Saturday. I’m sure there are lots of things waiting for my attention there. Meanwhile, I’ll do more of the organizing and storing here.

I’ve got some brisket to break down and freeze too, as well as bacon and a chub of hamburger. Freezers are full, so I may have to do some re-stacking to make room. Probably time to rotate some of the deep freezes to the more accessible upright…

There is always stuff to do.

And always stacking.

Get busy.


* I didn’t always like the Cure, but I find I like to hear them now, and I’m a bit surprised that my taste for 80s music has solidified over the years. Back then I mostly listened to the radio, so I heard everything, but preferred rock. Now I mostly listen to Alt Rock and New Wave, with a lot of other stuff mixed in. Rarely do I listen to classic rock, even when it’s bands I loved. One of the good things about getting older, is that like women, I find a broader range of music to be attractive…

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