Day: April 1, 2024

Mon. Apr. 1, 2024 – Fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on you…or something…

Cool and damp at the BOL. It was overcast and cool all day yesterday, until late afternoon, then it got beautiful. Even a tad warm… sun came out, wind died down a bit. Spring. All three weeks are lovely.

Didn’t do much in the way of work though. Given the day, I’m not to heartbroken. Basically I just piddlefarted around in the dockhouse, messing with fishing gear, and occasionally throwing a line in the water.

I did test the sprinklers and determined that they haven’t been watering. The pump lost prime so no water was coming out… or the inlet is under the muck again. I’ll be investigating that today. I really need the sprinklers to run.

Wife did some caulking and painting, so some minor stuff is coming off the list.

Kids had fun with the egg hunt. There is a lot more room to hide stuff here than at home. (yes, we’ll still keep doing it as long as they want to play along. It’s fun.)

Dinner was entirely from the fridge, freezers, and pantry. Oh, except for a ‘heat and eat’ loaf of garlic bread. Ham, baked beans, smashed cauliflower. Neighbor gave us peach cobbler for dessert.

My head is clearing, but I’m coughing more. Dunno if that’s a good thing, but I hate being snotty. I know some of you think Airborne is a scam, but I find that it works for me. Don’t know the mechanism, don’t care, if I can take it instead of more serious meds and get some relief.

Today will be a mix of small things, if the weather holds. I’ve got some blueberry bushes to plant, some herbs, and some squashes. I’ve got a couple of small jobs to finish, and the sprinklers to troubleshoot. At least my head is feeling better. Still don’t want to climb a ladder with a chainsaw, so the limbs might get a reprieve until next time.

I may not now my limitations, but I know when I’m getting close. 30ft in the air with a chainsaw and a stuffed head is dang close…

Better to get some extra sleep and push stuff off until later…

Stack, stack, stack… you won’t regret it.


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