Day: April 21, 2024

Sun. Apr. 21, 2024 – a day of rest? Naw, can’t happen.

Cool to start, maybe warming later. The sprinkles we finally got lowed temps by about 20 degrees, so this morning will be a bit chilly. I’m sure it will all go back to normal.

Did my pickups, dodging in and out of storm cells. Nice in between the cells, anything from misty to coming down in buckets inside a cell. You could almost watch a cell move by watching the freeway slow down in the traffic app. Almost.

Hit the goodwill bins store on the last leg of the big trip. As long as I was out that way, I might as well take advantage… it wasn’t my favorite store, as there is more junk and the employees don’t care about the shoppers or the stuff, but I found a couple of good things for me and to resell.

Got home, ordered chinese food and watched a movie with eldest br… child. Did some auction stuff after then went to bed.

A pretty good day. Wife had a short power outage, and a bunch of girls running around like crazy people. I definitely had the easier day.

Today I’ll be doing more cleanup, sorting, and domestic bliss. If it’s raining, that will all be indoors. If not, maybe it is time for the play structure to come down… (not my choice but there have been enough hints that it might be on the list…)

Not that there is any shortage of tasks on the list or any shortage of more important things to do, but sometimes, a big visible change is called for.

Stack. Stack. and Stack. but be sure to LIVE in between.

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