Day: April 25, 2024

Thur. Apr. 25, 2024 – 19 years. 15 of them sober. Ay carumba.

Cool and clear, warming later. It was basically a beautiful day yesterday and I’m expecting the same today.

Did my big loop of pickups yesterday. Went without issues. Got stuff for home, BOL, and everyday living. Some is deep backup, some is more “shallow”, like the solar panel. My feeling is that you can’t use something you don’t have, so better to have it.

Today will be mostly taken up with me shopping for and then cooking a special dinner for my wife, and the kids will benefit too. D2’s birthday, our weekend trip to the BOL, and other factors combined to make today the day, no matter if it actually matches the calendar or not. I’m thinking surf and turf, but we’ll see what we can find fresh. Of course there is plenty in the freezer, if it came to that, but I’d like to keep benefiting from western civilization as long as we can.

I spent a bit of time trying to come up with another paragraph about the fall, but I went to bed instead. It’s falling, locally and globally. Internalize that idea, and figure out how you’ll live with it.

And stack, for Pete’s sake, and your own…


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