Day: April 4, 2024

Thur. Apr. 4, 2024 – 04042024 – same format in Euroland and in the Great State of Texas…

Cool and clear again, warming later. Basically perfect Spring days. This would be second in a row as yesterday was gorgeous.

Did several pickups yesterday. Jumped the gun on one but fortunately it is very close to one I had to attend anyway, so no driving or time really lost. Also did my kid thing, and did some cleaning up and putting away in the house.

Today I’m at my client’s house to troubleshoot some issues, and to install a couple of additional cams. While there, I’ll check that one of the alternative bedrooms is fully working, as they’ll be moving to that bedroom while doing some remodeling in the Master. I’m happy to have the extra work as there are lots of things I want to buy.

We used to have a saying in the business, “Done is good. Gone is better. Paid is best.” Paying work rocks.

Money is a great prep. Try to stack some!


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