Day: February 22, 2021

Mon. Feb. 22, 2021 – no school for you! so sayth the school board…

Mild and dry.  Hopefully.   Beyond that, I don’t care.

Nice day on Sunday, if a bit overcast for most of the day.    Shirtsleeves and shorts if one was so inclined.

I did get some stuff cleaned up.   I got a couple of the raised beds weeded and ready for planting.   I’ve got a couple more to go.

The citrus trees all have crunchy dry leaves, but waxy and supple branches.   I’m cautiously hopeful that they will survive.     The two in pots that I took inside have dropped most of their leaves but are in bloom and smell fantastic.   I hope they’ll be fine with a return to outdoors, light and water…

The big koi fish in the small pond survived.  He had 55 gallons of water to hide in, but there was about an inch and a half of ice on the top for two days.    He seems ok now that the ice is gone.

Lots of people walking down the street Sunday, including some I’ve never seen before.  Had a casual chat with one of them and he volunteered that the disaster was no big deal if you took some simple steps before hand, and it wasn’t even expensive to do so…  I agreed completely.

Get ready for the next one.   There will be one you know.

Today I have auction pickups to do (birthday present for a certain small child) and some household stuff, and since I’ll be on the south side of town, I’ll check what used to be the Sears Outlet for a scratch and dent clothes dryer.   Seems the dryer at the rent house stopped working, just before the cold snap.   I need to get that fixed so they can wash clothes.  The rental doesn’t usually need a lot of attention, but when it does, it tends to come in clumps.

Kids get another day off school, but my wife is working from home so she can keep them from burning the place down while I run errands.

After that, I’ll keep working the list at home, starting with finishing the cleaning up and putting away.   Gardening and getting some stuff done with electronics come next, and some radio stuff should happen too.

What did Jerry P say?  It’s a great life if you don’t weaken…

So stay strong and keep stacking.


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