Day: February 14, 2021

Sun. Feb. 14, 2021 – OMG WINTER IS COMING 111!!11!!11!!11111!!!!!!!

Cold cold and more cold.  Also cold.

34F when I went to bed.  Probably about the same when I get up.

Spent Saturday doing pickups, and a bit of ‘showing the flag.’   It was really nice to see the guys at my non-prepping hobby, and to sell a couple of things.  I don’t get as much as ebay, but it stays in the community, and I don’t have to ship or support it.   Then later at a pick up, I met and made a deal with a new auctioneer to sell stuff for me.   She says she’ll take everything I want to send her.  So I am going to start with a few bins and see how they do.

In the mean time…………

I will be getting ready for the freeze-mageddon.

I’m getting the Mr Buddy heaters out of storage.  Getting the filters and BBQ tank adapter hoses out.   Filling the extra water jugs.   The city said “don’t let you taps just run”.   NOT because that doesn’t work to keep your stuff from freezing, but because “pressure might drop and fire fighters won’t be able to fight fires.”  Their goals are not your goals.

I also need to move some of the outdoor food storage into cover, and bring home a heater for the garage.

Apparently it’s going to be Biblical.   I guess we’ll see.  Seems unlikely to me that it could possibly be as cold as they’re predicting, or last as long.  They are NEVER accurate, why would this be any different?

If I have time, I’m going to add another bulb to each tree.  9F is pretty freaking cold if we get there.  Another 60w of heat and light could save the tree.

Or not, and then I curse and moan.  I’m JUST getting fruit from the trees.  I’ve been growing those things for YEARS.  Losing them now would purely suck.

Who had nuclear winter on the scorecard for this year?

Disasters, they don’t just happen to other people.   Keep stacking.



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