Day: February 1, 2021

Mon. Feb. 1, 2021 – Here we go!

Cool and clear, dry and very nice.   That’s the forecast anyway.

Yesterday was very nice.  Clear and mild all day.  A bit windy as the front pushed the weather out, but you’ve got to have one to get the other.

Spend some time at my secondary.  Got some more stuff moved and organized.   Pulled out some stuff for the industrial auction.  I’m supposed to drop off a load to them today.  I’m also supposed to drop off a few more items at the other local auction.   Then back to the secondary to try and get the forklift sorted and stowed.

I didn’t get anything done around the house however.  I’m very sore from all the lifting and moving I’ve been doing and the change in the weather is always good for a few extra aches and pains.  Hands are like paddles, for example and the knees ache.  Getting old is not for the weak.

Good thing I’ve got help.   Last night my wife made chili in cast iron, over a wood fire using our firepit/cooker.  Corn bread muffin mix in tiny cake pans, and cheese and onion rounded out the meal.  SO GOOD.  And practice cooking over wood…

One of the spring tasks it taking down the pecan in the back yard.  Whether it’s to make room for a pool, to allow sunlight to get to my garden, or because it’s hollow and might crush the house in a storm, it’ll be coming down or getting cut WAY back this spring.   We got a quote and it was reasonable.  He’ll remove the stump, cut everything into logs and stack it.  I hate to lose the shade on the house and yard, but it’s turning into a safety issue.  It’s always something.  And the squirrels have never let me get any nuts anyway in 13 years, so as much as I like watching them, they ARE going to lose their home at some point.  Then I’ll have LOTS of wood for back yard firepit.

I have to say, maybe my wife is right, if I can barely keep up with the maintenance here and at the rent house- 11 acres of homestead might have been a bit much for a one weekend a month time budget.  It’s pretty clear I’d have to change my habits at a minimum.

Could be a lot of people might have to change their habits real soon now.  This mess in the stock markets, and possibly in commodities as well, could blow up in everyone’s face.   Consider your current financial situation, and think about if you want to move some stuff around.   I think this might be one of those times when having more cash close to hand might be a good idea.  If stuff blows up, there will certainly be restrictions or outages wrt banking.

And typical prepper advice is in full effect.  Cover your basics, take some precautionary measures, keep your eyes and ears open.

And keep stacking while you can.



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