Day: February 23, 2021

Tues. Feb. 23, 2021 – no school for YOU! So says covid rules….

Mild and clear, shirtsleeves and shorts.  I hope.

Yesterday was beautiful.   Temps got up to mid 80s, and only went down to 48F at night.

Did some stuff around the house.  Sold more Mold Armor.  I expect that to start moving again.   Sold some specialty cable assemblies to a guy in Thailand.  I’m shipping to a forwarder in Cali, so that’s where my responsibility will end.  I’ve got to get the shipping out today.

Helped out another couple of people with plumbing supplies.  Offered to a few more.  I don’t have what everyone wants, but that’s ok with me.

Wife will be home today so I’ll be able to run errands.    And the kids will be home too.   Wife called daughter 1 in sick, and that activated their covid protocol, because any sickness is assumed to be covid until proven not.    Kid had a stuffy head, sore throat, mild and occasional cough, no fever and she’s better every day.  Can’t return to school for 10 days though or needs to show a negative covid test.  Daughter two can’t go to school either, as she’s just getting the scratchy throat.   She might as well get a test too, as she’s going to be locked out as well.   And wife’s office manager heard her making arrangements, and told HER to stay home until the tests come back negative.  It all makes perfect sense from one point of view, but seems like crazy overkill from another.   Naturally, I’ll be masked and avoiding contact with people too.

The cold snap just ate a week.   I don’t have a bunch of extra weeks laying around, so I guess I’ll have to step up my game.   Or just keep plugging away.  There’s always something more to do.   And I better get to doing…

I’ve got stacking to do.  So do you.   Water, food, meds, power, heat, light, defense, and sanity.  Make sure they’re not in short supply.



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