Day: April 29, 2020

Wed. April 29, 2020 – and the week is half over…

Cooler, wet.

Yesterday was cool and wet, with spotty rain throughout the day.  I mostly stayed indoors.

Did a little bit of work on my client’s issues, mostly ordering replacement stuff and working with the controls programmer to troubleshoot issues that looked like failing hardware.   It turned out to most likely be a software issue.  The touchscreens had a little widget to get the local temp and weather conditions from the internet, but someone somewhere changed something, and the widget broke.  It didn’t fail gracefully and kept causing buffer overflows with error messages or error states (I’m not clear, and not being a programmer, only care a little.)  He eliminated the widget and the error logs stopped filling up.  Hopefully problem solved, but only time will tell.  Word to the wise, external links will break, and that may cause issues that look completely unrelated.

My new hard drive came so I’ll probably put that in today if the weather remains wet.  Hard to believe that 8TB of name brand and extra sturdy HD is only $220.  The new NVR software records everything in .mkv format, which leads to some huge files.  I might have to actually read the users guide to figure out how to get some smaller files, without losing too much quality.  The old software had months of recorded imagery, where the new only has days.  Of course the old would often miss recording very short duration events, like someone walking past the camera.  And I’ve added two 8mpx cams to the streams.  Still, I should be able to get a lot more on the drive than I am.  Doubling capacity to 8 days isn’t really enough.

WRT wuflu, secondary and tertiary effects are starting to manifest.  Low oil prices due to low demand.  Food shortages due to plant closings because of high infection rates in staff.   Crime increases due to prisoners being released, and decreased policing.  History says, it will get worse before it gets better.  Prepare yourself.

Stay in and stay safe.




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