Day: April 4, 2020

Sat. April 4, 2020 – day 983 of my captivity…

Cool and raining, if the forecast can be believed. [58F and occasional drizzle]

Yesterday was partly sunny, mostly overcast all day. Finally about 7pm some small spattering of rain came. Later, it rained a bit heavier, and some thunder and lightning happened while I was reading to the girls. That tapered off fairly quickly though.

Yesterday’s chores involved continuing to put away and organize the food I brought home from the secondary location (stored mainly in the big black tubs), and food I bought before the shutdown, and food from my older stores here in the garage. I’ve got a LOT of kirkland canned corn. More canned chicken than I thought too. Lots of beans in cans. Less flour than I thought, but then I don’t use it for much. It’s there for bread machine bread, and possibly homemade pasta, and tortillas if I run out of mix. More spam than I remembered buying. At least it’s a mix of flavors. Pure SPAM is pretty salty.

Most of it will fit on three sections of industrial metal shelving (2ft x 3ft) I added under our patio roof, just outside the back door. That is about the coolest and darkest spot, with the garage being a bit cooler at night but hotter during the day. Unless I install a window AC unit in the garage, I think the patio will do fine for a while. Some food will remain in the garage, and either some of the bulk in buckets, or the non-perishable items will go on the shelves I used to use for food. I’ve also got 2 “towers” of the shelving set up in the driveway with paper products and the newest food. I will probably move some of that around too, but I want the oldest stuff in front for now.

I covered each of the towers with new heavy black plastic sheet. I wrapped the three sides and the top with one piece, then added another piece as the ‘door’ side, and wrapped it over the top as well. Then the whole thing (the two ‘towers’ are back to back) gets covered in a new tarp, which is silver to keep some of the heat off the contents. I’m hoping that it is water tight, and relatively cool. The tower full of paper goods shadows the other tower with the food and cleaning supplies.

For the canned goods on the patio shelves, I’m using a product I initially didn’t like. It’s the Can Tracker can organizer. Some time ago I picked a section up at goodwill and just couldn’t find a place for it. I ended up putting it back in our ‘donate’ pile. Then wuflu hit and I pulled it out of the pile. I put it on the patio shelf, filled it up, and liked it. Bought another section, and liked the result, so I just bought two more sections. It was terrible for storage. It’s bulky and will be partly empty most of the time. You can fit a LOT more cans in your pantry if you stack them on flats, or in bins. What it is excellent for is USE. It puts your cans at your finger tips in an easy to use and easy to see format. Now that I’m transitioning from STORING preps, to EATING preps, it is very handy. Seems tough, and was easy to assemble. For cans you will be using, I’m giving it a tentative recommendation.

I must admit, I’ve very nervous about having it all in one place. I’m hoping it never gets to the point where ‘inspectors’ are going door to door to ‘requisition’ ‘excess’ goods and materials. I never thought the whole country would be on house arrest either though. Cuomo is going to be doing that with ventilators and medical supplies, stripping the state and countryside to keep NYFC going for an extra week. He clearly doesn’t care what that will do to the communities he leaves bare. I wonder how that’s going to play out for him long term. Still a lot of guns in NY outside of the hive and we’re still planning to have elections. For now anyway. Something to watch for- I’m sure there will be talk before action, and that will leave a small window to act if needed.

Stuff to do today, mostly more of the same. So I better get busy.


( My favorite thing! Played in the yard! My favorite thing! Got to play ball! My favorite thing!)

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