Day: April 2, 2020

Thur. April 2, 2020 – time is flying by

Cool and beautiful again, hopefully.

Yesterday was about as nice a day as we ever get. Low 70s, light breeze, sunny and blue sky. Just a great day. I spent some time on the phone with a friend, and sat outside the whole time.

I also got some more food moved from the pile under the tarp, to the shelves on the back patio. The clips I ordered came in, and after spraying the bag, and leaving them in the sun for an hour, I built another section of shelf. I was able to move a whole pallet in the driveway after moving the last of the bins of food from it. I’ve got several black bins left to go through, and there is sure to be more spoilage in them. Then I can get the new shelves, and the old shelves organized. We really are settling in for the long haul.

More of the same on the list for today.

Dinner was taco night, with costco canned chicken, chicken taco mix, and all the fixings. No rice or beans yet. Wife and kids prefer to eat the tacos and not the sides. I’m trying to ease into the pandemic diet adding things slowly. Being mostly low carb lifestyle, all the pasta rice and beans will be a big change. Frankly, so is eating canned veg, with the exception of Costco canned corn. I’ve tried adding some over the last couple of years, but the corn is the only one that stuck. Turns out I’ve got an awful lot of corn and peas.

Kids are settling into the new routine. It really helps that we’ve read “The Girl Who Owned A City”, and the Little House on the Prairie books. It gives the girls a frame of reference that is outside of their dad just talking about prepping. The kids in Little House are grindingly poor and don’t even know it. My kids are stunned by how little they have. The protagonist in Girl Who Owned a City is smart and resourceful and saves the day for everyone. She just gets things done and is a good role model. I’d like to think Swiss Family Robinson is in the mix too, but neither has specifically referred to it. I like the idea of disaster as adventure and the way they just keep improving their situation. Hopefully, that attitude is percolating in their little brains.

Well, stuff to do, including maybe a haircut for me. We’ll see how brave I get…

Stay in, stay safe,


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