Day: April 16, 2020

Thur. April 16. 2020 – spring can’t last much longer

Cool and sunny.  I hope.

Yesterday was another gorgeous day.  Sunny, cool (don’t think it got about 70 in the shade) with a nice breeze.  Perfect weather to wash the cars.  And the bins full of spoiled food.  And for working outside.

Spoke to my neighbor whose son is on the HPD.  He says they’re mostly letting the smaller stuff go.  I assumed that, but now it’s confirmed.  They are one of the smaller forces, per capita, and they can’t really afford to have guys out.  They are wearing masks now and gloves.  His son strips off in the garage before entering the house.  Son’s wife is a medical pro at a woman’s hospital in town so she leaves her stuff in the garage too.  Welcome to life with covid, hafta have a decon chamber at home if you’re in the wrong job.

More of the same stuff to do today as yesterday.  I’d like to get through another pallet of stuff, and maybe condense some of the remaining, as well as get some planting done.  It was on my list for yesterday but I never got to it.  My options are limited for root veg, so I’ll probably go with peas and squashes after all.

Garage shelves need cleaning and sterilizing too.  Then I need to decide what goes into the garage for now.  I’ll be looking for ways to expand the food storage in the garage and looking to see if I can get an A/C unit poked through one of the walls.  Need to call the generator guy too.

Jeez, I better get something done.

Dinner was leftovers.  Food is a weapon.

Stay in, stay safe.



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