Day: April 23, 2020

Thur. April 23, 2020 – I’m goin’ in.. er, I mean out….

Possibly T-storms and nastiness. [79F sunny and clear at 9am, but lots of wind]

Yesterday was overcast, opening up into  a nice day.  A bit on the warm side, but still pleasant, in a humid, dripping with sweat way.

I wasn’t as productive as I could have been.  There does seem to be a bit of a malaise to my life at the moment.  I’m just not as motivated or quick as I could be.

I got some small stuff done.  Nothing worth writing home about.  The instacart issue had not been resolved before I went to bed.  If it had gone well it would be astounding.  Order groceries at 11pm have them at your door before breakfast!  If I’d been ready and the order had been fine…

I did lose hours to moving my cams to new NVR software.  So far, it’s been a lot more stable than the old software since it went belly up.  I’ve got some more settings to change and confirm and I need to actually watch some of the video to be sure it’s solid, but it looks good so far.

I had an ebay sale- the last of the PoE injectors that I’ve been selling off for the last couple of years sold.  That makes 4 or 5 that sold since I isolated, vs 0 in the six months prior.  Weird.

Dinner was a premade meal from Costco, Hawaiian chicken served over leftover rice.   One of my favorite short notice meals.

I’ll be headed over to my client’s house later today.  I’ve got to at least get eyes on the problems.  I’ll be PPE’d up and bring a can of spray.

Stay in (as much as possible), stay safe (as much as possible),



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