Day: April 12, 2020

Sun. April 12, 2020 – Happy Easter

Cooler with promise of rain.

Yesterday was overcast and cool with occasional spatters of rain, but overall a nice day.

I got some more work done in the gardens and driveway.  Not what I needed to do or wanted to get done, but I’m finding it harder to get blocks of time to do stuff than I thought.

Did some minor housework.

Dinner was mini hamburgers from frozen hamburger.  I’d vac sealed the burger meat in 2018.  Perfectly fine and delicious with some additional seasoning.  The vac seal is the key to successful freezing.  No air or excess moisture can get in, so no ‘freezer burn’.  Chest freezer set at 0F helps too.  It’s a nice DEEP freeze.  Pasta-roni flavored spaghetti as a side with almost the last of the cottage cheese.

[I had a paragraph here that sounded strange from my mouth, so I cut it]

Let me just say, for all the believers here, you have my sincere best wishes on the feast of Easter.


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