Day: April 6, 2020

Mon. April 6, 2020 – back to school, JK….

Warmer and dry? Maybe. [75F, 84%RH, and no actual rain yet]

It stayed cool all day yesterday but the rain stopped. It was even pretty nice, if a bit chilly and damp in the evening.

I did mostly indoor cleaning and organizing. I’m moving at a turtle’s pace though. Doesn’t look like a hoarder’s house, but it does look a bit like the wand shop in Harry Potter. I do tend to use ‘pile’ as an organizing structure. Doesn’t help that my wife will occasionally just round up everything she thinks is mine and pile that in my office. Some of the piles haven’t moved in a while.

I’m trying to get some space for my non-prepping hobby, and move some radio stuff around. I really want to get up with some digital modes and I don’t have the room to keep all the bits and pieces in one place. Baby steps.

I also continued to get the shelving and storage area in the garage cleaned up and gone through. Found a couple of boxes of ammo I didn’t know I had. Happy day!

Dinner was Costco special pork ribs from my last run, one rack for us, with the other two racks seasoned, vac bagged, and frozen. My wife ordered Oyster Sauce from somewhere online. I’d run out. It sucked to enter the zombie apocalypse with a freezer full of pork and none of my go to sauce… Anyway, delicious ribs. Really good baked beans- HEB branded can, cornbread (from mix) with added bacon crumbles and baked in a cast iron skillet (just cuz), canned corn (2016), and baked potatoes with all the fixin’s. Admittedly, the first can of corn was rusty from rat pee, and didn’t “suck” when pierced. That went straight into the trash. Clean can had a very reassuring “fushht” sound as the vacuum released. I’ve definitely found that if the packaging is intact, even with my horrible storage conditions, even stored food that is 6 or more years passed ‘best by’ tastes fine. I’m blending in stored food with our normal pantry and freezer food to help ease into this isolation. I also try to have a really good meal with familiar food every few days.

The kids have been great so far. Less poking at each other this week as they had some school work and a lot of “separated” time. Wife and I have been less stressed too. This coming week the school sent out more work to do, and some added resources. Short week anyway due to the Easter holidays, or as the school put it “a holiday you might be celebrating”. FFS, it’s Easter break, whether you are Christian or not. I’m finding I have a lot less tolerance for the ‘tolerance’ as this confinement goes on. If others are simmering too, the whole world could explode soon.

And hey, checks are coming, but conspicuously NOT HERE. Jails have been emptied, and burglaries are up 20% in Houston, while the cops are out sick. Who could have known? You are on your own. Act accordingly.

Stay home, stay safe.


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