Day: March 11, 2020

Wed. Mar. 11, 2020 – scrambling

Warm and moist.

Yesterday got almost hot in the afternoon. Very light sprinkles just added to the moistness. I walked to my auto mechanic to pick up my truck and was sweating when I got there. $4350 in all, which included changing the trans fluid and filter. Runs smooth and quiet.

Found a place to sell my powered respirators (3m PAPR) so I’ll drop them off today. Absolutely have to move some stuff from secondary to home. That’s got some inbuilt challenges.

Hit Walgreens, Costco, and HEB yesterday. So glad I made my primary run before the others caught on. I haven’t seen toilet paper in days. I’ve got a ton of stuff to get put away.

The wuflu situation is changing so rapidly that most people I talk to have no idea how bad it’s gotten just in the last couple of days. And it is bad. Will it get bad enough fast enough to keep my wife home from WDW? I hope so, because otherwise I’m facing a pathetic post-apoc novel of a trip. As noted before, humans are bad at exponential growth. I’ve had to say the doubles out loud for people to believe me.

We’re heading into Spring Break this Friday, which was the impetus for our trip. My prediction is we don’t come out of Spring Break, ie. schools just stay closed. By any doubling rate, we should be well on the way to 10s of thousands of cases by then, maybe more. That’s why I don’t want to go, by the time we’re ready to come home, even if we’re not sick, I think things will be shutting down.

So little time left, and every trip outside increases the risk of bringing it home. If you’re set, start your isolation. I wish I could.


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