Day: March 19, 2020

Thur. Mar. 19, 2020 – Prepping for the zombie apocalypse was a lot more fun than living in it.

Warmer and damp.

Didn’t get much done yesterday. Did get some done. Spent too much time arguing with idiots online. Won’t be doing that today.

I have to get stuff squared away if there isn’t rain. We’ve been on the edge of rain for days, it will come, and that will really limit my outdoor work for a couple of days.

Daughter 1 is very concerned about the generators. I need to get that sorted.

I’ve held off on my ‘last run’ to Lowe’s/home depot but I think I’ve got a list finally. I’m getting a couple of things to increase our security posture here. I’m starting to get worried about that. And I need more soil to get the rest of our garden in.

I’m also wondering where I can get more food. I’m sure most people are wondering that. We’re in good shape for what I expected. Not for a year. Not for longer. All I can hope is that you do get immunity, that the 80% who come through can keep the economy moving. Epidemics are supposed to burn themselves out in 8-10 weeks. 3-6 months should have been enough, but it feels really short.

I’ll be honest, there are moments when I think it CAN’T be this bad. Then I see another graph and know better. Having the school district, that will put FELONS back in class to get that sweet sweet tax money, tacitly admit to being out for the long haul, hit home.

There are a number of things that can help. If you get immunity, and it is mild for most people, then it’s possible we’ve been seeing cases for months, but didn’t recognize them for what they were. Those people are going to come through wondering what the fuss was. “I never got sick.” We could have a large pool of immune people and be fine in general and as a country. We’re not seeing that until we get an antibody test though.

We could slow it down so that the sickest have a chance to recover, for whatever the long term prognosis is. In that case we’re in it for months, but I can’t see years.

One of the treatments or vaccines could be both efficacious and safe, and that will help tremendously.

IF you don’t get lasting immunity, this thing will tear through again and again. Or if it mutates in a bad or good way, things could change.

But I do know that the effects on people, our system of government, our economy, are already being felt and will reverberate for a long time, no matter the final resolution.

It is not, despite my title, the zombie apocalypse. It’s not a world killer, in its current form, if you get immunity. Rest assured though, it will bring out the human zombies eventually. There will be a very bad patch, and things will get out of control. Yes, even here. Now just imagine the favelas, or Africa, or India. Or Manila. That’s gonna suck.

I’ve got work to do today,

and so do you.


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