Day: March 22, 2020

Sun. Mar. 22, 2020 – moar, moar, moar….

Cool and wet. Still.

Got some stuff done yesterday, but I’m hard pressed to make a list.

I guess I did some ebay, I’ve got 8 packages waiting by the door.

I did some moving and organizing of stuff, but very little.

Rained most of the day which did limit my outdoor activity.

Managed to get a couple of things done outside- planted the new (replacement) blueberry bush, blew the pollen fuzzy caterpillar looking things off the roof, walk, and porch. MUCH easier to do when they are damp and not spraying pollen everywhere.

Spent time on the phone with a friend.

Wife and daughters did a heavy clean on the bathrooms and kitchen, especially the floors.

Wife and kids started playing Portal 2 in co-op mode. None had played before. I played through single player mode when it came out. Which was 8 years ago. Jeez time flies.

More of the same today. Piles to shift, maybe a trip to the secondary…

I need MOAR of all the things!


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