Day: March 3, 2020

Tues. Mar. 3, 2020 – here comes the rain again

Warmish and damp.

Forecast shows T-storms. We’ll see I guess.

It was mid 60s yesterday morning, and stayed there most of the day.

I did some auction pickups and shipping. Sold a speaker, and two hardware firewalls. Needed boxes for the firewalls, so that was another stop. I went through my ebay listings and dropped prices. That must have signaled to the watchers that I was willing to entertain offers… which I did, taking about half of my initial listing price. Gotta move this stuff out…

Kids asked if we were going to Disney or if it would be canceled. Wife insisted as of now that we are going. But we acknowledged that things might change and the decision might be out of our hands.

We are starting to get enough numbers to make some initial observations about the WuFlu. It’s really transmissible. Cases coming out of Italy and Spain have even less than ‘casual’ contact. If you are sick enough to be hospitalized, you have a 1 in 3 likelihood of dying. That’s much more in line with the chinese gov’t actions than the numbers they’ve released. It’s also bad news.

For everyone saying “it’s only killed a tiny number of people” I can only ask what they’re basing that on? Chinese fake numbers and wishful thinking? And you have to add the word “YET” to any statement about how many it’s killed. Wait til it burns through Africa and India. Or the Brazilian favelas…

“Bring out your dead…bring out your dead…”

“We’ve come for your liver lungs.”
“But I’m still using them!”
“You signed the card.”
“Oh, well ok then.”

Keep stacking.


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