Monday, 30 January 2017

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09:36 – It was 19.6F (-7C) when I took Colin out this morning, with a stiff wind. There had been a slight blizzard overnight, with what looked like maybe an inch (2.5 cm) of accumulated snow. With the more or less constant wind we have up here on the mountain, it can be tough to tell for sure. The wind scours surfaces like driveways and roads and piles up any accumulated snow on fields and other rougher surfaces.

I’ve been seeing lots of articles recently about rich people prepping, buying homes in New Zealand, etc. Rich as in multi-billionaire hedge fund managers, Internet entrepreneurs, and so on. Here’s one representative article I read yesterday. It included this image, with the caption, “Here’s an image of shelves at a Wal-Mart in Charlotte NC taken as a relatively minor snow storm was approaching the area on January 6th 2017.”

The takeaway of this article was intended to be that even very wealthy people have started to prep, because they know what’s coming down the road.

My takeaway is quite different, summarized by one quote from the article: “The tech preppers do not necessarily think a collapse is likely. They consider it a remote event, but one with a very severe downside, so, given how much money they have, spending a fraction of their net worth to hedge against this . . . is a logical thing to do.”

Yes, prepping is a no-brainer if you have enough money that you can drop a million bucks on prepping without having to think about it. But the thing is, it’s also a no-brainer (or should be) for people with much smaller bank accounts, like the regular readers of this site.

I can’t afford to buy an island or even a second home in New Zealand. So what? Prepping isn’t about buying guarantees, even for billionaires. It’s about maximizing the chances for you and your family by reallocating assets. You probably can’t shift a hundred million bucks out of your bank account like many of these people can do, but unless you’re living hand-to-mouth you can probably afford to shift some of your assets from the ones and zeros in your bank account to hard assets like stored food and gear. If it’s $100,000, great. You’ll be better prepared than 99.999% of the US population. If it’s $10,000, well that’s a tremendous step forward. If it’s only $1,000 or even $100, well that’s a start.

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  1. Ray Thompson says:

    That was a shelf that appears to be a shelf of clearance stuff. Alternate facts in the new political speak. The top panel on the shelf is typical of the clearance shelfs in my local Walmart.

  2. CowboySlim says:

    “It was 19.6F (-7C) when I took Colin out this morning,….”

    Predicted to be about 70F when I take my female Boston Terrier out in a while. This afternoon, I hope to bring my male Boston home from the veterinary hospital. He had a brain tumor removed last Monday and is recovering nicely.

  3. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    “That was a shelf that appears to be a shelf of clearance stuff.”

    Was it? I’ve been in a Walmart (Galax, VA) exactly once in the last 20 years or more. I didn’t notice a clearance shelf.

    From the image, I thought it was their bread/bakery section. Which makes sense, because when there’s snow forecast in the South, milk and bread sections empty out very quickly.

    I don’t know about this particular image, even if it was shot in Charlotte earlier this month. It may be years old and from somewhere else entirely. But it does look pretty representative of what store shelves are like when a winter storm threatens.

  4. MrAtoz says:

    Actors, many actors, are apparently mad at President tRump’s immigration EOs. They want us to raise up in arms against these EOs because actors say so.

    Ha ha! Suck it libturds.

  5. nick flandrey says:

    Well it’s 50F here with 45%RH, sunny with some breeze.

    I’ve got a regular aviary going in the back yard this AM. The machine gun rattle of a red-headed woodpecker hammering away on my aluminum rain gutters got me out of my chair and looking for the noise….

    The woodpecker was joined by a beautiful blue jay, and one of the fattest robins I’ve seen. That’s in addition to the fat doves that live here all the time, and the foraging squirrels.

    Had a second harvest of radishes with dinner last night, and I have ONE decent head of broccoli ready for harvest! That will be the first harvest-able broccoli in 3 years of trying.

    I’ve decided to start a new woodpile by the fence. I see nice limbs on the curb every week and I’ve decided to start picking them up if I’m in my pickup truck. Can’t hurt, and I’ll use the same design I’ve linked to a number of times.

    Used the new InstaPot (combo pressure cooker/crock pot/searing pan) for some korean style ribs yesterday. It’s much more complicated than it needs to be, but it worked well as a (small) crock pot. Wife used it once so far as a pressure cooker. I’m resistant, due to its fad status and complicated settings. Also, I had a pressure cooker I’ve never used. It’s a whole different way of cooking, and learning how was not on my list. In the interest of marital harmony, I’m gonna have to learn now….

    Put up another 10ft of rain water collection gutter. It will do two things. Currently one of my beds gets hammered by rainwater coming off the roof. This will stop that. And I’ll plumb it to my remaining 55 gal drum used just for that side bed.

    While the house next door is empty (for sale) I’m changing some things on the side of the house facing it, so they’ll just “be there” when the new owners move in. I’m going to raise my multiband antenna by 10 ft, add a 20ft 2m antenna, add a small patch antenna for HDTV, cut a flowering bush and replace it with a fruit tree, position the rainwater barrel, and replant that raised bed. These have all been “when I get to it” tasks, low on the priority list, but now is a good time to be in the neighbor’s driveway doing them…..

    With that said, I’m off to do some auction pickups, which will take me across town in 3 different directions. I haven’t heard of any protests in houston, but if there are, at least one of my paths will take me thru the (Hwy 288) area where they typically happen. Eyes open, weapons hot.


  6. nick flandrey says:

    Really sad when al jizrag is more honest that our own “free press.”

    “Six other times the US has banned immigrants
    Donald Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ is not the first time specific groups or nationalities have been blocked from the US.”

    I’ll note that the “muslim ban” lie is working (since it has the core of truth.) I’ll also note that half of poll respondents agree with the ban. Probably the same half that voted for Trump….


    (and I love his tweet about how this ban was a major part of his campaign- meaning “Unlike politicians, I actually follow thru on promises, shocking!”)

  7. Harold says:

    I can recomend a second home in New Zealand. Lived there for years , beautiful place, even with the earthquakes and volcanoes. But housing is seriously expensive there even with the weak NZ Dollar. However the NZ immigration laws prevent anyone over 55 from getting a permanent residency visa without inward investment of over $1 Million. So we are to old and too poor to return for more than a visit.

  8. MrAtoz says:

    So we are to old and too poor to return for more than a visit.

    There is an article online about Peter Thiel (billionaire tRump supporter) getting citizenship in NZ. He certainly made the $$ investment, but people are mad in NZ he got citizenship without apparently living there.

  9. Harold says:

    Citizenship is very diferent from Permanent Residency. We looked at citizenship before we left and had most of the paperwork completed. Citizenship means rights to vote and he may either apply for dual citizenship or renounce US citizenship. We were going to apply for dual. Worst decision I ever made was returning to the US.

  10. lynn says:

    “Ruben Navarrette: Our new president is the Rocky Balboa of American politics”

    “Say what you want about Trump, this is a person who knows what it’s like to get hit — hard. Our new president is someone who had a cold and domineering father whom he could never please, who buried too young a brother he loved, who grew up in the outer borough of Queens and was looked down upon and dismissed by Manhattanites, who lost all his money in Atlantic City and was hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to the banks, and who failed at a dozen business ventures and two marriages. This is also someone who — when he ran for president — was mocked by late-night comics, attacked by the media, dismissed by more politically savvy opponents, and not given half a chance by more than half the country. And now that he has been elected, the attacks are more ferocious than ever. And yet guess what? He’s still standing.”

    Pretty good analysis by a free lancer carried in our home town paper.

  11. MrAtoz says:

    Worst decision I ever made was returning to the US.

    Why dual citizenship if it sucks rocks to live in the US?

  12. brad says:

    Got our – by now annual – letter from our old bank, telling us that they will eventually have to report our financial information to the IRS. This is really bizarre, since we (a) cancelled our US citizenship, and (b) closed our accounts with that bank years ago, before FATCA took effect.

    Near as I can figure, they are probably obligated to report retroactively. Retroactive laws make no sense, but when did they ever stop anyone? Since we once had accounts with them and once were American citizens, we’re on the list. Still, damned if I’m going to give them permission to report anything. I sent back my annual reply that we consider any reporting to be a violation of Swiss law. Heck, all of FATCA is a violation of Swiss law, but no one has the guts to tell the US where to stuff it.

    Can I hope Trump will cancel FATCA? Probably way down the list of things he cares about, but it’s a stupid law that pisses off large parts of the world for no good reason.

  13. Dave Hardy says:

    “This is really bizarre, since we (a) cancelled our US citizenship, and (b) closed our accounts with that bank years ago, before FATCA took effect.”

    The way this works, Mr. brad, is that if you or anyone in your family ever breathed Murkan air or passed over a part of the FUSA landmass or territories, you are liable for Federal taxes in perpetuity. Yea, unto all the following generations. And the IRS is not shy about coming after you, either.

    “While the house next door is empty (for sale) I’m changing some things on the side of the house facing it, so they’ll just “be there” when the new owners move in.”

    Outstanding! I approve!

    “If it’s $100,000, great. You’ll be better prepared than 99.999% of the US population. If it’s $10,000, well that’s a tremendous step forward. If it’s only $1,000 or even $100, well that’s a start.”

    Ima gon just go ahead and consider us better prepped than the 99.999%, then. I’m including the cost of our house here, that we bought and moved into 4.5 years ago, knowing this was a smart prepper-related move. I’ll also include the probably close to $10,000 that we’ve spent so far on improvements, like the wood stove, new windows and shutters, guns and ammo, radios, etc.

    But we’re behind the 8-ball on food and wotta storage and training on the firearms so I’ll be working on that stuff this year and going forward, of course. While also attempting to generate more revenue as threats continue as to wife’s employment and number of paid assignments. She’s due to talk to the imbecile messenger boy tomorrow at 3 PM; they’ve indicated they’re looking for instructors to do more with law enforcement and EMS and she’s volunteering for it. She also wants to know where their contract is, now two years overdue, and where her 1099’s are for these past two years. But probably won’t bring that stuff up with messenger boy.

    The other thing is I gotta kickstart myself into doing more meatspace stuff, like town committee meetings, gun club, etc. The town email recently said they’re looking for volunteers on several committees and I replied back indicating my interest to serve where the need might be greatest, and crickets so far. As one of the other vets said at a meeting, we tend to isolate ourselves, which is not good.

    Sunny w/blue skies and 20 today; 20s rest of week and teens/single digits nights, with occasional light snow flurries. Wife off later to do our laundry at MIL’s in beeyooteeful Shelburne Bay and will stay overnight there; MIL is in Floriduh anyway. We’ll be looking at replacements this next month for our washer and dryer and I’m interested in any experiences peeps here may have had on this lately.

  14. MrAtoz says:

    We’ll be looking at replacements this next month for our washer and dryer and I’m interested in any experiences peeps here may have had on this lately.

    I have a set of LG front loaders at the house and a set of LG top loaders (washer only) at the condo. Both sets work great. People are leaning back to top loaders these days. MrsAtoz is a “short round” and can’t reach the bottom of the top loader washer. Even on a stool it is awkward for her. I got her a set of those long reach “grippers” to grab out of the washer. lol! You are going to pay more for LG, even on the entry level models, though.

  15. Paul says:

    I’ve lived with front loader washers most of my life beginning with my mom’s in the 1950s (Westinghouse). Each has lasted a minimum of 10 years without significant upkeep and done a good job of cleaning. I kept track of costs on one about 25 years ago and it did in fact pay for itself in soap and water savings over it’s lifetime. We have gotten the lower end models, still a bit more expensive than many uprights, current model is Samsung.

  16. Ray Thompson says:

    Was it?

    Don’t know exactly. But if I had an agenda to push I would certainly look for a photograph that represents the point I was trying to make. Many a time I have visited Walmart and found empty shelves because Walmart was rearranging the items and shelving for the items. Should have seen the local K-Mart when they were closing. I could have photographed some really empty shelves, as in multiples together.

    I have seen some shelves get low on product when they predict snow in my location but never actually emptied. Generally only bread and milk. Not sure why. We only buy milk and bread once a week and an impending snow storm is not going to cause us to rush out and buy more. Even if we run out of bread we have enough food to last quite a while without issue.

  17. Ray Thompson says:

    I’ve lived with front loader washers most of my life

    We currently have a front loader, owned for about 10 years now. Only issue was the fill valve for the cold water started leaking and we would find water in the tub when we opened the door. Generally a couple of days after last being used.

    Repairing was easy. Removed three screws for the top lid, shut off the water, removed the water exit line, one screw to remove the valve, unplug the signal wire. Reversed the process to install the new valve. Cost of the valve was $40 from a local supplier. They all use pretty much standard parts.

  18. RickH says:

    We had a front loader at a previous house. Issues with a moldy smell common to front loaders. Had to clean a water filter at the front-bottom of the unit; inconvenient to do.

    Plus had to run a special ‘cleaning’ cycle with special detergent to remove moldy smell, although that wasn’t always a solution to that problem.

    Plus-plus, a very small leak in the front door gasket cause a very small drip down the front.

    We left it there for the new owners. Our current place has a top-loader, which (for the two of us) gets used at most 4 loads a week. It’s good enough; it works, no need to replace it.

    Instead of buying a new one (why do that, when the old one still works?), I have purchased additional FLASHLIGHTS.

  19. Dave Hardy says:

    So fah I’m hearing “front loaders.”

    @MrAtoz; mentioned the LG models to Mrs. OFW and she’s heard they’re good but expensive. Plus, I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but I suspect by the tone and facial expression, I was made to feel like a noob mentioning chit she already knew.

    I am on kitchen cleanup/reorganizing/repair detail today. And I gotta put the dryer back together good enough so that it can be hauled outta here with the washer when the time comes. We note that wife’s 1099 for the past year arrived today, but no check, and no 1099 for 2015. Meanwhile Princess shrieking for rent money. She was told to get a job for this spring and summer and apparently the other option is she comes down and stays at MIL’s instead, and I told wife that’s probably what she’ll do, and then we’ll still end up paying for groceries and her using one of our cars to gallivant all over New England and the Maritimes on our dime and leaving MIL’s place a pigsty meanwhile. Got some mumbling and then crickets as she left to take the mutt for a walk. I intend to pursue this a little bit when she gets back here. And also once again bring up that we need to get a tax lawyer ASAP.

    The town person did get back to me today about volunteer slots on half a dozen committees and apologized for the delay as they were switching over their mail server. And I see that half of them have addresses, the other half have addresses and one guy, there’s always one guy, has his personal yahoo account listed. Hmmm….I also have a account that I rarely use. So I sent an email back saying I’d be happy to serve wherever the need is greatest.

  20. Harold says:

    MrAtoz – You misinterperet my comment and I can see how. It doesn’t “suck rocks” as you say to live in the US. I am proud of the country I grew up in but that country no longer exists. However that’s not the issue. When we left NZ we had our 9 yr old grandaughter who we have raised since 2 in the UK, and Hong Kong before NZ. She was best friends with an Indian, a Maori, and an Irish girl there, no color lines, no name calling. I moved us to Virginia and she was assaulted by the black girls on the school bus because she was white, she was rejected by the white kids because she spoke funny, she went into a depression that caused us to home school her. She lost her joy of self and became self concious and eventualy self hurting. It’s been a bad few years but she is recovering. I blame myself for all that. When we lived in the UK, Hong Kong, and NZ, we were all welcomed as the rare Americans and little Crystal was treated as a happy curiosity at school because she was unique in each. But being unique in Virginia schools means you are the reviled outsider and the target of insults and scorn.

  21. Dave Hardy says:

    That’s a really hard situation, Mr. Harold; what a damn shame. My sympathies for your daughter’s troubles, brought on by ignorance and hostility, and we know where that comes from, mainly. You can’t blame yourself for that whole deal, though; it’s on the bastards who treated your daughter that way. My best wishes and prayers for her complete recovery.

    Oh, and you’re spot-on about the country you and I both used to live in, too. That’s why it’s often referred to now as FUSA, or Former United States of America.

  22. lynn says:

    Our LG top loader clothes washer is still doing well. It does require the HE fluid and very little of that (or else it does not all come out). We paid $850 ??? for it in Dec 2014. If I am running it (not very often), I always run the extra rinse.

    Here is my review on Big River:

    “I can tell that I am easily entertained. We got the new clothes washer today, an LG WT5680HWA top loader, from Lowes. It has a glass lid and you can see everything going on inside. It is like a TV with only one channel. Mesmerizing!”

    “And it is blessedly quiet! The old whirlpool cabrio washer water valves were screaming like a banshee. And the tub bottom bearing was going out and seemingly causing the entire house to vibrate in sympathy. All in all, not worth fixing in my opinion.”

    “The delivery guy told my wife that people are swapping their front loaders for top loaders due to the constant mildew problems with the front loaders.”

    “The LG does require the new HE detergent and prefers liquid. So I bought two gallons jugs of Cheer HE liquid over at HEB for $8 each tonight.”

  23. MrAtoz says:

    MrAtoz – You misinterperet my comment and I can see how.

    Got it, Mr. Harold. Half of us here would not mind moving to NZ. Your personal troubles does “suck rocks.” Still, why dual citizenship? Just because you can, or so you can travel back and forth easier?

  24. MrAtoz says:

    From the Not Like Us Department:

    During an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, an activist associated with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement took to the megaphone to voice her support for, among other things, “killing people,” and “killing the White House.”

    What a sweet, sweet woman. I wonder who has more guns? Us or them?

  25. Dave Hardy says:

    “What a sweet, sweet woman. I wonder who has more guns? Us or them?”

    LOL. I have a pretty good idea. Let’s just say it’s more guns than peeps in this country, by a factor of at least two, and more likely three. Let’s just further say it’s an AR or AK, a shotgun, and a pistol for every man, woman and child.

    These people are just gonna keep hollering and shrieking, I guess, but the rest of us, the Normals, can see and hear what they’re doing and ignore it. If they wanna get it on, then molon labe, baby!

  26. lynn says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I am getting a daily email from Trump’s campaign via the GOP who is using all this craziness to raise funds.


    “President Trump needs your help right now.”

    “The media, Hollywood elites, and Democrats have been distorting the president’s policies and deceiving the American people.”

    “And at this very moment, we have less than 30 hours until our FIRST end-of-month FEC deadline.”

    I don’t want to kill it just in case they actually send out something for real.

  27. DadCooks says:

    @Harold, please accept my understanding with your situation too.

    IMHO, all of Virginia sucks rocks.

    38-years ago my last homeport was Newport News/Norfolk VA (we lived in Hampton). My wife is from Vallejo CA and had not lived anywhere else until she married me, a Nuke Submarine Sailor. She thought she had seen bigoted racist blacks while in the SF Bay area, but Virginia was 100-times worse. The story is long and complicated, suffice to say it had a lot to do with me choosing to leave the Navy rather than her. Knowing how bad VA was in 1979 I can only imagine how it is today.

    WRT appliances: I know I am living on borrowed time with our frontload washer, dryer (both Kenmore Elite), and dishwasher (Bosch). All are more than 20-years old and parts are getting very hard to find, let alone competent repairmen (does that get me a micro-aggression point?). When I go looking at current models they all seem to be built as thin as soda cans. At this point I am leaning toward LG, but Samsung is also in the running. Oh how I miss the days when you could go to Sears and get great appliances.

  28. MrAtoz says:

    At this point I am leaning toward LG, but Samsung is also in the running. Oh how I miss the days when you could go to Sears and get great appliances.

    I miss Sears, also. I got my LG’s at Home Depot. You probably pay more there, but their install guys were very good. They did poke the pooch at the condo, though. They couldn’t figure out how to turn on the water after hooking up the lines. They claimed the water must be shut off somewhere. I said, “Try putting a thingy, a wrench I think it’s called, on the top of the other thingy, I think it’s called the fawcett.” lol! Miraculously, aqua flowed out to the machine. Tight spaces in a condo.

  29. nick flandrey says:

    I would not buy another front loader. The only benefit, and it’s one we don’t currently take advantage of, is stacking. There are funny smells, there is always water in the door gasket, the “filter screen” will somehow let socks by to clog up the pump and flood the house. You have to run an extra rinse every time due to the extreme water saving, all cycles take twice as long as a top loader with the sanitary cycle taking HOURS. Oh, and you can’t add anything once the door locks, so forget about throwing in the sock you found under the sofa.

    On this model, we’ve replaced the pump a couple of times (coins get by the protective screen too.) The control panel soft buttons have all cracked and peeled. They are Whirlpool Duet Sport models. NOT recommended.

    (oh, and the dryer ALWAYS needs more time to dry than it thinks, no matter how many “extra” lights are lit.)


  30. paul says:

    “Oh how I miss the days when you could go to Sears and get great appliances.”

    When I needed to replace my 30 year old (made by Hobart!) KitchenAid dishwasher because the pump went out, Sears was a joke. So too, Lowes and Home Depot. Nobody has anything in stock. Yeah, pay for it and you can pick it up in a couple, maybe three weeks.

    That was a good dishwasher. I replaced the water fill valve twice and the blowdryer fan unit that dried the dishes. About $30 for each.

    The current fridge is the floor model from the local Sears catalog store. Or whatever they call it. My old Kenmore fridge quit and really, an old rusty 2 foot square dorm fridge just doesn’t cut it when a gallon of milk and a jar of mayo fills the thing.. Two weeks to get a fridge from the warehouse in San Antonio? Are you kidding? SA is 100 miles south. If you want to make a sale, deliver /this/ fridge to my house, today. And they did.

    It’s been a good one too. The icemaker quit about 10 years ago, The fridge was 3, no big deal, $60 offa eBay for a replacement. Loosen a couple of screws, lift off, unplug the power, and then reverse.

    We have hard water. Er, had, I suppose. I’ve installed a water softener. Big diff on lime scale in the pottys. Like, zero.

    My old fridge is still going. I had it plugged in for the light while taking the shelving out. Good for the tool shed. And wow! I thumped something and it turned on. A failed defrost timer. All of $40. I bought that fridge in ’83.

    Washer and dryer are Maytag. Not sure of the age, I’m guessing a bit over 20 years old. “Commercial”. I have a friend that works for Maytag and he says all the washer needs a coinbox to be in laundromat. We’ve had the set for almost 13 years. After the old man died no one wanted the stuff. Our old washer was pushing 20. The water valve is dripping a drop about once a minute. The dryer, I replaced the cycling thermostat last year and it works like new.

    Sheesh. I’m not far from having a 50 year old fridge.

    I do still have all of my teeth. So, there’s that. 🙂

  31. Dave Hardy says:

    @Mr. paul; what wotta softener do you use?

    We have hard wotta, too, coming from a well. And when we had many weeks of no rain this past summer and fall, there was a faint but noticeable sulpher smell in the bathroom and upstairs hallway.

    Also, we’ve only been able to get cold wotta to our washer so fah.

    I’m leaning again to top-loader washer and I’d love to have a top-loader dryer, too. I’m tired of stooping and bending and twisting to get clothes out of our front-loader dryer. Although stackable front-loaders would not be a problem for anyone here; none of us is height-deficient.

    I also wanna get a new fridge at some point, with the freezer on the bottom.

  32. Greg Norton says:

    At this point I am leaning toward LG, but Samsung is also in the running. Oh how I miss the days when you could go to Sears and get great appliances.

    Sears hasn’t been the same since the court took away their special credit card privileges in the 90s.

    The main fan went in our two year-old Sears refrigerator last week, and the quote from their service tech totaled $350 for a repair that he wasn’t sure would get the freezer running cold again. New, the refrigerator cost $495.

    Even local redneck repair was $200, but I watched how he took the refrigerator apart so I can replace the fan next time. The Internet cost on the key working part is $25.

  33. CowboySlim says:

    “Even local redneck repair was $200, but I watched how he took the refrigerator apart so I can replace the fan next time. The Internet cost on the key working part is $25.”

    Hey, that rn word (redneck) is totally non-politically correct!!!!

    Check out my neck here:

    I am so tired of being ethnically characterized and mentally downsized!!!!

    10-4, Roger That, Over and Out!

  34. lynn says:

    We have hard wotta, too, coming from a well. And when we had many weeks of no rain this past summer and fall, there was a faint but noticeable sulpher smell in the bathroom and upstairs hallway.

    My grandparent’s well outside Pottsboro, TX was so sulphurous that you could smell the water ten ft away (a little exaggeration there but not much). My grandmother said it was good the skin and hair. Maybe that is why all my hair fell out.

  35. nick flandrey says:

    No one mentioned this:

    “‘One in, two out’: Trump signs new executive order banning government agencies from making a new regulation – unless they first slash TWO existing ones

    Trump held a meeting with small business leaders before signing his latest order
    ‘The American Dream is back. We’re going to create an environment for small business like we haven’t had in many, many decades,’ Trump said
    Directive makes good on one of his campaign promises. Trump said he’d mandate a two-for-one policy within his first 100 days in office
    Has signed nearly 20 executive orders since taking office on Jan. 20

    Read more:

    That’s been on the conservative wish list (and endless email lists) for years. Now we got it….


  36. nick flandrey says:

    I’ve been saying I don’t actually hate them, or fear them, but I think I changed my mind.

    Google “thighing islam” for a linkfest or just go “”

    Seriously don’t go if you are maddened or sickened beyond rationality by discussion of child rape. THIS is worth hating for.


    Note to in the comments that there isn’t much denial.

  37. MrAtoz says:

    No one mentioned this:

    I was just discussing this with my BIL. Please, oh, please let President tRump rip the IRS a new a-hole.

  38. Dave Hardy says:

    “Please, oh, please let President tRump rip the IRS a new a-hole.”

    + a trillion

    As for the new regulations deal: Ave Caesar! Let it rip! Very nice indeed, as regards my near-future biz plans and those of Mrs. OFD.

    We are so fucking tired of working for other people, almost always assholes who fuck up our lives.

    And the musloid child-rape thing has been known for a long time, going all the way back to the Chief Pervert himself, after getting his marching orders in whatever dream or hallucination engendered in a stinking bat cave in the desert, probably from Beelzebub himself. But what do we hear from the apologists and eager beavers wanting to import more of them here? Crickets. I despise them more than I do the musloids. They’ve opened the bloody gates, haven’t they.

  39. paul says:

    My well is about 220 feet deep w/ the pump at 180. I don’t understand why. It’s just what I was told. I’ve been here since ’92 and as far as I know the pump was installed about 1983, maybe earlier, the house was built in ’83…. going by the date code on sheetrock I have messed with. I could call the elec co and maybe find when the place first had elec. Nah….

    Anyway, the water tastes great. Makes that Ozarka bottled stuff taste like plastic.

    I have never heard of a top loading clothes dryer.

    My water softener is a GE. GXSF39B. It’s “smart” or something. It has a little turbine in the output so it knows how much water is used. Instead of regenerating on a timer. Seems to work…. It’s the only water softener I have dealt with so I really don’t know if it’s good or a POS.

  40. MrAtoz says:

    In case you haven’t smelled it yet, Obola is back in the US flapping his gob about how he’s heartened to see so many people expressing their 1A rights. He probably hired that Black woman in Seattle who yelled “Kill WHITEY!” as his new assistant.

    So much for former Presidents keeping their gobs shut. One week and Ofukstik is stinking up the air.

  41. Miles_Teg says:

    When I was in high school a teacher said racism was more or less non-existant in NZ. Maoris and whites would dance and socialise with each other without a thought. At the time it would have been very unusual for blacks and white in Oz to socialise.

  42. Miles_Teg says:

    I got a front loader washing machine three years ago. Wish I’d got a top loader.

  43. Greg Norton says:

    Hey, that rn word (redneck) is totally non-politically correct!!!!

    Oh, I’m a redneck. GA and MS heritage, practically a FL native, and I spell it “duck tape”.

    (If it doesn’t have the duck on the package, you bought the wrong tape.)

    I couldn’t get past a certain point disassembling the refrigerator so I had to call in outside expertise.

  44. Miles_Teg says:

    Paul, if the water is so good why do you need a softner? Adelaide water was terrible until the Eighties, but now we don’t have ’em. Tap water tastes just fine to me.

  45. nick flandrey says:

    Naw, I knew he was a pedophile, and married his 6yo cousin, and raped her at 9, but I didn’t know about the other thing, still being done by ordinary people.


  46. Dave Hardy says:

    “…still being done by ordinary people contemporary musloid scumbags and perverts.”


    “…My water softener is a GE. GXSF39B.”

    Thanks for the info!

    WRT to the Return of Obola Department:

    Of course. He and the Mooch are planning to stir up more shit here, with BLM and other pseudo-terror agitprop commie scum. “community organizing,” ya know. Read yer Alinsky.

    And not only him, either; Field Marshal Rodham is testing the waters for the NYC commissar’s job, plus a tee-vee show.

    Like I and many others have said before, ad tedium, ad nauseum: they don’t stop, they don’t shut up, they don’t give up. I am now much more in favor of the various draconian methods suggested previously by RBT and Mr. SteveF.

    Omnes interficere. Deus cognoscit suam.

  47. H. Combs says:

    Miles_teg: We didn’t see any racism in NZ. There were some troubles between Somoan and Fijian gangs, more like what you see in West Side Story. We loved it there. Wanted dual citizenship so we could go visit the grandchildren. We were adopted by a Maori family who took good care of us. The family patriarch taught Latin studies at an Auckland university.

  48. Miles_Teg says:

    “Omnes interficere. Deus cognoscit suam.”

    Amen bro… 🙂

  49. Miles_Teg says:

    “I’ve been seeing lots of articles recently about sheepophiles buying homes in New Zealand, etc.”

    There, FTFY.

  50. brad says:

    I think Obama, Hillary and the rest of the elite (not to mention the entire prog population) were expecting Trump to be like every politician since forever: make campaign promises out the kazoo, and the quietly forget about them once in office.

    Oops…looks like he actually meant what he said.

    If he keeps going at this rate (and why shouldn’t he?), the entire progressive agenda could be in danger. Wheeeee!!!

    The question is: how much trouble can Obama, Clinton, et al cause? If there is civil unrest at this point, it will be because they have incited it.

  51. Miles_Teg says:

    Low level liberal (in the US sense) soldiers (in the Mafia sense) are going nuts, which I am enjoying, sort of. An Aussie friend currently living in northern California posted a bunch of stuff tagging me on FaceBook. I responded in my usual tollerant, loving way, and her FB friends went bunto at me for being so insensitive (me??? insensitive???).

    My friend deleted the posts from her timeline and mine, and I’ll walk even more carefully from now on. What surprises me is that she has swallowed the liberal Dumbocrat Kool-Aid (she’s right wing on the Australian political spectrum.)

    My neice and nephew teaching in international schools in Seoul and Singapore report that the Yanks and Canuks teaching with them went bunto when Trump won… 🙂

  52. SteveF says:

    (she’s right wing on the Australian political spectrum.)

    Which falls somewhere between “very liberal” and “what color is the sky of the planet you’re on” by American standards.

    the Yanks and Canuks teaching with them went bunto when Trump won

    I was privileged to watch some of the shock, horror, dismay, and denial here. And, of course, it never once occurred to me to twist the knife by pointing out “Hillary will never be President” or “soon you’ll be saying President Trump”.

  53. Miles_Teg says:

    You’re such a soft hearted wimp.

    Report at once to OFD for toughness training.

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