Day: January 31, 2017

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

08:58 – It was 40.7F (5C) when I took Colin out this morning, with a stiff wind. The little bit of snow we got is sticking around for now, but with today’s high to be in the mid-50’s (~13C) it’ll be gone by this afternoon.

Trump is the progs’ worst nightmare. Unlike just about every politician in living memory, Trump is actually doing what he said he’d do. Imagine that. Not that I agreed with many of the actions he promised to take, but it is refreshing to see an elected leader whose actions correspond with his words. And it is nice to see him striking terror in the hearts and minds, such as they are, of prog politicians and bureaucrats. Now I see that he’s going to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, and probably the 1992 agreement upon which it’s based, not to mention going full steam ahead on the new pipelines. The squeals from the progs are deafening, but they’re music to my ears. I’m hoping his next actions will be to withdraw us from NATO, bring home our overseas forces, and expel the UN from US territory.

People keep talking about progs’ heads exploding, which is a nice image but unfortunately only a figurative one. It’d be nice to see some actual prog heads exploding, literally. A million dead progs would be, as they say, a good start.

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 09:44 – I just got email from a woman who questioned the shelf life of repackaged flour, coincidentally the day after Barbara and I just finished repackaging 50 pounds each of sugar and white flour. Some years ago, she’d opened a #10 can of white flour they’d bought at their local LDS Home Storage Center. It was a couple years past the best-by date on the can, which means it had been packed a dozen years before. She said the flour was tanning, caked, and had an “off” odor. She tried making some pancakes with it, and said it had an off taste as well. She ended up discarding all her LDS flour that was past its best-by date.

I’d heard the same thing from several other people over the years, but the solution is simple: just sift the aged flour and leave it in a container that’s open to the air for several hours. As it’s aerated, the off odor (and taste) disappears, and it’s perfectly usable.

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