Day: January 20, 2017

Friday, 20 January 2017

09:35 – It was 43F (6C) and drizzling when I took Colin out this morning. The next few days are to be more of the same.

Barbara and I got quite a bit of kit stuff done yesterday, with more today and over the weekend. We’re in pretty good shape right now on finished goods inventory for this time of year. As we build subassemblies and kits, we’re doing an eyeball inventory, noting down stuff we’re short of. I need to get some of that stuff on order.

Trump’s coronation is today. Frankly, I’m kind of surprised that he’s still alive. Enemies of the powers that be have a habit of dying unexpectedly. It’ll be interesting to see what Trump actually does during his first week as king. He promised a lot, almost none of which he’ll be able to deliver even if he has the complete cooperation of Congress and Supreme Court, which he won’t.

His three major promises–to eliminate ObamaCare, to expel illegal aliens, and to bring back the jobs that have been lost–are all impossible to fulfill. The first because the public, including his supporters, will not accept what it will take to eliminate ACA, most particularly allowing health insurance companies to exclude pre-existing conditions; you can’t buy fire insurance if your house is already on fire. The second because the public simply will not accept what it would take to secure our borders and expel those who are already here illegally. And the third, as I’ve said repeatedly for years, because we are now in the early stages of a jobless economy. The vast majority of ordinary people have no skills that are worth paying much for, and with increasing automation that’s not going to change.

Trump is stuck between Scylla and Charybdis on all of these issues and more. Even with the best of intentions, which I don’t concede he has, and with the complete support of the rest of the government, which he doesn’t have, there’s not much he can do. People are going to be dissatisfied with Trump’s results, and not just the progs. Trump’s base will be just as upset with what he does and doesn’t do. Trump has put himself in a position where no one will accept excuses for his failures, which will be legion.

He talks a good game, but ultimately money talks and bullshit walks. I wish him the best, but I’ll be very surprised if he accomplishes any of his stated goals. So I’ll pick up my guitar and play.

As the theme music for the TV series Justified says, “Long Hard Times To Come”. Keep prepping.

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