Day: January 21, 2017

Saturday, 21 January 2017

09:44 – It was 46F (8C) and dampish when I took Colin out this morning. More of the same to come, with rain and possible thunderstorms moving in later today and tomorrow.

I see that Trump has now officially been coronated King, and that protests and demonstrations have ensued. Not riots, you understand, even though those peaceful protesters and demonstrators are burning cars, throwing bricks and paving stones at police and innocent bystanders, and so on. Whatever happened to reading the Riot Act? As Larry Niven says, “Don’t throw shit at an armed man. Don’t stand next to someone who’s throwing shit at an armed man.”

If you need a gun or guns, now is a very good time to buy what you need. Gun makers built up large inventories before the election, expecting a Clinton victory and ensuing panic purchases. None of that materialized, so now the gun makers are selling their excess inventory near cost.

Barbara found a pinto bean recipe she wanted to try, so I just put a pound of pinto beans in to soak overnight. The Walmart Great Value pinto beans, incidentally, are remarkably clean. We didn’t find a single piece of gravel or rotted bean in the whole pound.

I’m pretty much booked solid this weekend doing administrative stuff: ordering items for science kits, doing my sales tax return, creating MSDSs, working on federal and state income taxes, and so on. I won’t get it all done this weekend, but I need to get started on it.

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