Day: January 5, 2017

Thursday, 5 January 2017

10:00 – Barbara is taking the Trooper in to B&T Tire today to have them change the oil, flush the radiator, and so on. There’s some valve tick, but overall the Trooper is doing pretty well for a 24-year-old vehicle.

Along with building more science kits, I need to make it a high priority to get stuff organized and stored out of the way. We just received 15 large boxes yesterday, which are sitting in the middle of the garage floor. I’ll have Barbara in charge of that, because I tend to squirrel stuff away and then forget I have it. A lot of the stuff doesn’t need to be readily accessible. Among the items in this shipment were two cases of 15 mL bottles, two cases each of 15 mL and 50 mL centrifuge tubes, and similar items that replicate things we already have stored accessibly as working inventory. None of them are temperature-sensitive, so my attitude is that we can move half a dozen or more of these large boxes up to the attic over the garage, to be retrieved as needed. But I’ll let Barbara make that call, since she’s in charge of organizing supply inventory.

I’d also like to get some of our LTS food restowed in a less accessible area, which would free up a closet that’s currently packed solid with it. I’m thinking we could put a lot of the cased LDS #10 cans under the bed in the downstairs guest room. And so on.

But Barbara’s right. I’m covering us up with stuff, and she wants to de-clutter. So I’ll let her decide what goes where.

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