Day: January 17, 2017

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

10:07 – The weather is still spring-like, with overnight lows in the mid- to high-40’s F (6C to 9C) and daytime highs in the mid- to high-50’s F (13C to 15C). It was 48F (9C) when I got up this morning, gray and damp. This is to continue for the next two or three days, followed by a warming trend. My guess is that by the end of the month we’ll be back to cold weather and frozen precipitation.

Colin turns six years old next month, and I’m just now getting him trained to come when I call him. All along, he’s responded to voice commands, but only if there’s not something more interesting to do. In that case, he just turns his ears off and does what he wants to do. I need him to drop everything and come reliably when he’s called, mainly because some of the drivers out on the road really haul ass.

Barbara and I spent most of yesterday working on science kits. We got a batch of new ones packed up and ready to go, and shipped several of those. Work continues on science kits this week so that we can get a reasonable level of finished-goods inventory on all types.

We’re running out of things to watch on TV. The root of the problem is that our preferences are far different from the norm. New stuff tends to focus on things we’re not interested in watching: zombies, serial-killers, angst-ridden millennial dramas, and so on. And diversity, which disgusts me.

Oh, not diversity in casting. I don’t care if there are characters who are black, oriental, female, gay, religious, etc. etc., as long as they’re reasonably proportionally represented. What disturbs me is this idea that all “cultures” are equally valid and equally important. That’s bullshit, and I don’t care to watch inferior cultures being represented as equal to (and usually superior to) Western European culture. They’re not, they never have been, and they never will be.

So we watch a lot of British series, but mainly the older stuff. From before the BBC became painfully PC, starting in the early 90’s and getting ridiculously intrusive a decade or so ago. We don’t need progressive propaganda with our entertainment, which rules out about 90% of the series made in the last decade or more.

10:37 – Right after I posted the last entry, I got email from a woman who wants to get started prepping. Nothing unusual there, except that she voted for Clinton rather than Trump, and is afraid that Trump is going to cause the end of the world as she knows it. She’s self-aware enough to understand that preppers overwhelmingly supported Trump and generally have a low opinion of Clinton supporters, and assumes that she won’t be welcome in prepper circles.

I told her that wasn’t true, at least for most preppers. Yes, most of us despise Clinton, but many of us, including me, aren’t all that much happier with Trump. I don’t doubt that many of my friends and acquaintances voted for Clinton, not because they actually supported her, but for the same reason that many of us voted for Trump: that we thought we were voting for the candidate who would be less hideous than the alternative.

So I suggested that she start by going back and reading my earlier posts that are flagged with Jen, Brittany, Jason and Jessica, and Cassie. That should at least get her started.

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