Thursday, 30 June 2016

08:24 – More filling and labeling of bottles today. Barbara is leaving after dinner to drive down to Winston and spend the night at her sister’s house because she has an early doctor appointment tomorrow. Wild women and parties for Colin and me tonight.

I always walk Colin down around back in the morning, because he likes to see the cows. This morning, there were two young calves off by themselves not far from the fence. Instead of ambling away from the Fearsome Predator, they actually started to approach us. Colin watched them slowly approach, looking at him the entire time, until they got about 20 feet (6 meters) away. Then he couldn’t take it any more, so he did one of his bounce growls to let them know that he was cowiverous. They immediately fled toward the adult cows standing a couple hundred yards/meters away. I’m sure they’ll be telling the other calves about their narrow escape.

I’ve invited two of my most frequent commenters to join this blog as guest contributers. OFD has accepted. I haven’t heard back from Nick yet. I figured that since they were posting a lot of long comments, which Google doesn’t index, it’d make more sense for them to post that information as articles rather than comments. Legally, nothing changes. Just as before, each retains the copyright to his own words, and each grants me nonexclusive permission to reproduce those words. I hope Nick decides to come on board as well. He already posts as much or more text each day as I do, and it’s a shame to have it buried in the comments where it’s difficult to find and doesn’t turn up on a Google search.

I’m placing no constraints on either of them, other than not posting anything that would piss off Dreamhost enough to have them suspend my account. They’re free to post prepping-related information, links to other sites, personal stuff, and so on.